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Looks like a new release is around the corner, this one should focus on the first 6 movies and the opening scenes of Generations. What would you like to see?

Here's my short list:

:thumbsup: -Generations versions of Kirk, Chekov and Scotty (was hoping as VIPs, but after seeing a possible spoiler, it's doubtful) (We got at least one of them)
:thumbsup: -Admiral Bill (got him! +Admiral Bob)
:thumbsup: -Disco McCoy (it's on a card)
-Merchantman ( [NA] Ship, freighter)
- Colonal West :(
-Charriot of God: [NA] Version of USS Enterprise-A
-Some era specific equipment cards I planted the seed, lets hope it grows
-SS Lakul ( [NA] transport)
:thumbsup: - Prisoners from Rura Penthe (we got two!)
-Paradise residents (next set)
:thumbsup: -Some new cards giving incentives to play [CF] only decks (wow!)
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My answers to your wish list are a mixture of yes, no, and wait until the next set…
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I was told that the on-pain-of-death final deadline to raise concerns about the proofs from Art was a few days ago, so I suspect spoiler season is imminent.

Also: that proof file was very very pretty indeed. Also fun and exciting!
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
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KazonPADD wrote: Sat Dec 04, 2021 10:06 pmNope!
What are the numbers in your sig?

Not a number sequence decipherer
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By Takket
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KazonPADD wrote: Sun Dec 05, 2021 4:22 pm Go check out Facebook!
Well based on the facebook link to the new card, I know the numbers you gave are part of a facebook link but i can't make it work lol. Also facebook keeps yelling at me to log in and I don't have an account lol

New card: ... =3&theater

Your numbers:
44446766 314654613467263335666666654

The 259855594061014 is static (i.e. it is in all the pictures) so your numbers fit into the rest of the link I think.... but I'm struggling to make it work. I tried this...... ... =3&theater
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