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What's the point of the universal Space at each spoke's end?

Some interesting ideas there. The Federation SCIENCE bonus is inspired.

I wonder if throwing in a bunch more potential flavorful affiliation-specific rules (and then only using one of them, drawn randomly, for each player for each game, so that each game is different, much like a lot of eurogames give each player a random bonus power or secret objective each game) might also work
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DISCO Rox No More wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 1:20 pm What's the point of the universal Space at each spoke's end?
My understanding was that they were there for Where No One Has Gone Before, which a few decks could draw. WNOHGB let you travel between any ❖ Space mission for a cost of 3 RANGE. We never saw WNOHGB in our game, so I don't know more than that or why it was viewed as necessary to extend the spaceline like that just for that event.
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By ShipNerd
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BCSWowbagger wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 1:06 am If you happen to get a chance to play with ShipNerd and 1 or 2 other friends, it's a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.
Yep it is.

The other player who had his first lackey game and played the last time with the two player game had fun too. thats a main focus, making it casual.

In OTF the winner is kind of predetermined by experience/skill of the player and their deck. My Multiplayer is intended for non-competitive fun (family/friends) evenings. THere are different formula for the 5 minute seedphase/Spaceline depending on the number of players and the decks are constantaly refined to ensure they are balanced. Also i tweak the rules a bit now and then to refine them as well.

There is even a simpler and a bit more complex variant, while both are much more easy to pick up then the full game, e.g. even the complex variant does not have stuff like infiltrators or rarly used card types like trouble.

I used my experience as an expert player to create well designed decks that perfectly fit to the rules. you need them for the format to properly work. There are themed decks for pretty much all affiliations and their sub-themes to pick from, that are loaded to you directly to lackey at the time of the event.

So far everyone was able to play them "out of the box". Looking forward for my next real life event with the format. With lackey everyone all over the word can play it. Its also less messy then a 2 player OTF game as there are fewer missions and seed cards. :)

You can join our private discord group of currently 10 player, where we shedule events, by sending me a PM in trekcc or join the dojo server and PM me there.
By D'ell
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I can definitely attest to the balanced decks and play. I was juggling re-learning the game after almost 15 years, learning the lackey interface and trying to strategize my gameplay. With all of that I was able to effectively play a defensive strategy and score one mission.
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By ShipNerd
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Multiplayer Dominion War Scenario is coming to the Balanced Multiplayer Format.
2vs2 Team event.

Since people have a lack of time due to family and unsure times, there is not a fixed date, instead, interested player will be asked: "When is a good time for you".

I also consider making an TNG FOrmat, of only TNG decks, that have not that much battle, but still stylish interactivty.

If you don´t mind being part of the scheduling feel free to contact me in PM or the discord where you can also find more information.
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By ShipNerd
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Caretaker's Guest wrote: Sat Feb 19, 2022 4:45 pm Chris Sloan has developped a new 1E multiplayer format.
Here known as shipnerd, because, well i love trek ships :)

I think I use the name:
Balanced Multiplayer Format
because everyone has equal chances.
The rules are simple. (ignore many build-in rules for most icons).
It can be played with 2 player but also with up to 4.

Important rules:
Everyone chooses their deck/affiliation from a list of provided decks.
All decks are equal in strength.
spaceline is generated a certan way.
Dilemma piles are randomly assigned to each mission.
There are no specific "seed" cards, however everyone starts with some ships/personnel as starting cards at the outpost. that way the seed phase for 4 player takes like 5 minutes.
Play 2 cards, draw 2 cards.
A short document gives each Affiliation-themed interactive ways to get extra bonus points.

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