Archive of the 2014 - 2015 WCT Season
By karonofborg13 (Matthew Hayes)
 - Delta Quadrant
61 IDICies 2014-2015 Playoffs

Event 3 of 4:

1. Matthew Hayes - [DS9-E] [Vulcan-centric theme, in tribute to L.N.] 12 points + 7 bonus points=(19)
2. Ian Parmenter - [SF] 8 points + 6 bonus points=(14)
3. Ryan Heiberg - [Bor] 6 points + 5 bonus points=(11)
4. John Western - [NA] [OS] {Hell's Heart - Khan} 6 points + 4 bonus points=(10)

Matthew: Playoff 1 - Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement; Ceti Alpha V, FS, Genesis Planet, Sha Ka Ree, Quest for Infinite Knowledge, Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict. Playoff 2 - Insurrection, Evade Borg Vessel, Observe Stellar Rebirth, Free Orion Slaves. Playoff 3 - Earth, Home of Starfleet Command; Defend Evolutionary Link, Deliver Ancient Artifact, Deliver Evidence, Runabout Search.
Chris: Playoff 1 - Founder's Homeworld; Obtain Vaccine, Destroy Iconian Gateway, Rescue Prisoners of War.
Ryan: Playoff 1 - Host Metaphasic Shielding Test. Playoff 2 - Characterize Neutrino Emissions, Find Hidden Base, Kressari Rendezvous. Playoff 3 - Unicomplex; Destroy Transwarp Hub, Hunt Alien, Assault on Species 8472.
Ian: Playoff 1 - Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets; Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial Temple, Mine Nebula. Playoff 2 - Intelligence Operation, Internment Operation, Rescue Founder, Navigate Argolis Cluster. Playoff 3 - Earth, Humanity's Home; Investigate Derelict, Terrasphere 8.
John T.: Playoff 2 - Locate Terrorist Leader, Study Rare Phenomenon, Relocate Settlers.
John W.: Playoff 3 - Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement; Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement.


Playoff standings (after 3 [of 4] events):

Matthew Hayes (32)
Ian Parmenter (22)
Ryan Heiberg (18)
Chris Volk (12)
John Western (6)
Mike Rudolph (0)
Bri Mastin (0)

The final playoff gig is next Tuesday, a Tribbles extravaganza that will crown the 2015 Champion and Runner-Up positions and put another season in the books. Who will breed the most furry little fuzzballs? Expected turnout may very well include (but, is not necessarily limited to) all 7 of the contenders (myself, Ryan, Chris, Ian, Mike, John W., and Bri), Thomas, John T., and even my daughters, EllaNora and Kalli, perhaps will be joining us. Stay tuned...
By karonofborg13 (Matthew Hayes)
 - Delta Quadrant
61 IDICies 2014-2015 Playoffs

Event 4 of 4:

1. Jon Kammueller 824,506 - Poison - 20 points + 4 bonus points=(24)*
2. John Western 522,434 - rainbow - 16 points + 0 bonus points=(16)
3. EllaNora Madolyn Hayes 313,226 - rainbow/Skip/Freeze/Draw/Reverse - 12 points + 2 bonus points=(14)*
4. Matthew Hayes 171,100 - 40% Foily Rainbow - 12 points + 0 bonus points=(12)
5. Kalli Saoirse Hayes 115,201 - rainbow/Safety/Poison/Sabotage/Recycle - 10 points + 2 bonus points=(12)*
6. Ian Parmenter 13,122 - Skip/Draw/Reverse/Antidote/Clone - 10 points + 0 bonus points=(10)
7. Ryan Heiberg 10,102 - rainbow/Clone/Draw/Freeze - 10 points + 0 bonus points=(10)
8. Mike Rudolph 1 - Go/Rescue/Evolve/Clone/Replay 10 points +0 bonus points=(10)

*denotes Non-Playoff participant
A congratulations on his newbie run of good luck to Jon Kammueller (on Saint Patrick's Day, no less) [a friend of John Western's] in his first ever Trek-related event! Hopefully, we'll see him join us for either 1E or 2E in the months ahead. :cross:

Playoff standings (after 4 events):

Matthew Hayes (44)
Ian Parmenter (32)
Ryan Heiberg (28)
John Western (22)
Chris Volk (12)
Mike Rudolph (10)
Bri Mastin (0)

Our sixth season of league play has come to a close, and wait...What?! I retain my title for the second consecutive year?! No, no, no, I liked being the odd year winner. This messes up my record for being the odd man out each of the appropriate odd-numbered years. Durg!!!

Well, I guess, like our beloved NDSU Bison, maybe I can threepeat (or even fourpeat), yeah, right!!! :?

And newly-crowned Runner-Up of the 61 IDICies 2014-2015 League Season goes to Ian Parmenter (Peers), in his first grab of said title. Congrats, Ian!

Also, a great big thank you to all the players who came out to play this season, regular events and playoffs alike.

Stay tuned, we shall be back for a 7th season (most likely) in the fall (September or October)...

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