Archive of the 2014 - 2015 WCT Season
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Name, League Pts., total tribbles

1. Brandy Preckajlo 34 Pts. (1,060,911)
2. *John Corbett 32 Pts. (716,468)
3. Johnathon Engel 30 Pts. (522,274)
4. Connor Corbett 28 Pts. (1,333,878)
5. Constance Corbett 8 Pts. (422,251)

*- First Half Winner

Tiebreaker: Total Tribbles

Playoffs: Winner of each half, plus one wild card (highest combined points, both halves) qualifies. Two wild cards advance if same player wins both halves. Winner of half receives 2 pts. at the start of playoffs (cumulative).

Final Wild Card Standings

*1. Jonathon Engel 62 Pts. (1,093,111)
2. Connor Corbett 58 Pts. (2,807,345)
3. Constance Corbett 40 Pts. (1,251,112)
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