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By enrico81
 - Beta Quadrant
Okay so we have another full day of regionals planned in Rotterdam on saturday the 16th of May.

We kick of with the regional Second edition, wich will be a sealed event around 10:00 (AM)
Costs will be 20 euro and starters and boosters will be provided.

After the conclusion of this Arjan will organise the constructed first edition Regional. Start time is prelimenary planned around 13:30

The day will be concluded with our regional Tribble event, with a virtual Draft tribbles (card are already printed and glued but will need to be turned back in afterwards, the costs are € 8. The start time is prelimenary planned around 18:00.

OBS de Blijberg
Gordelweg 216,
3038GA Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

Tournament Directors:
Arjan Hoek (1E)
Enrico Evink (2E & tribbles)

Price support:
Regional promo's and some other extra's.
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Opening ceremonies underway.

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