Discuss our Excelsior tournament format, storyline events, and anything else related to this experimental new tournament style
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By CaptMDKirk (Matt Kirk)
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Greetings and welcome to the best place to find consolidated information on the new Excelsior tournament format! We've got a lot of exciting events ahead of us in 2018, and you should be able to find any information you need on the Excelsior format in this forum. Some basic terminology and info about the Excelsior tournament format:

Campaign – The Excelsior campaign is what drives the development of the cardpool from Act to Act throughout the year. If an Excelsior event is listed as "Campaign", that means any results from that event will affect the Victory Point totals for the HQs used in that event. If an event is listed as "Non-Campaign", it will only use the Excelsior rules and cardpool, without contributing to HQ totals.

Act – Each year (or Season) of Excelsior is broken up into three-month sections, that we are calling "Acts". There are one-month breaks between each Act, and that fills up an entire year. The cardpool changes between Acts based on the results of Campaign events from the last Act, as well as community feedback in addressing overpowered strategies or problem cards.

Rank – One option Campaign players will have is to choose which HQ to represent. You are not required to play the same HQ in every Excelsior event you attend, but the more times you play the same HQ, your rank will increase within that affiliation. Only your most-played HQ will count towards the Victory Point totals (unless you specify that you want a different HQ to count). As your rank increases, your contributions for your HQ become more valuable. (This concept has been removed from the format.)

Got any other questions? Post in the forum and we'll get it answered! Welcome aboard, and ever upward!

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