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By CaptMDKirk (Matt Kirk)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
Greetings all! Just a quick note to update the cardpool one last time before Act I goes live on Jan 1:

We've removed At What Cost? from the v1.0 cardpool and replaced it with Surprise Party. The main reason for this was due to TNG and Romulan decks' ability to more rapidly score 5 bonus points and accelerate from AWC as a result, while Klingon decks need a target at a non-HQ mission to score bonus points, and thus ended up unduly disadvantaged as a result. Surprise Party serves the same goal as AWC by providing more counters per turn (albeit at a slower pace), and is available to all decks without a prerequisite. We are confident this slight adjustment will result in a more level playing field and higher-quality events in Act I.

Ever upward!

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