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By CaptMDKirk (Matt Kirk)
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Under the same conditions, sure: both players must be using Excelsior cardpool decks, and each must post a decklist and link to it in an Excelsior forum post (the two players should coordinate on the same thread). We'll run this as a pilot program for Act I, and if players enjoy it, we'll add it to the VP Schedule. :cheersL:

(Also, take pics and post them! Adds to the fun when we can see what happened along with the game report.)

Here's what I posted regarding the Online League:
if two League players agree to play with Excelsior decks for a League match, and each can provide a decklist link in a post(s) that describes their game, those VPs will count towards their HQ total for the Excelsior Campaign. Both players must agree to participate in order for both players to score any Excelsior VPs.
To avoid potential abuse of this allowance, there will be an initial 10 VP cap per month for these types of games (players may not earn more than 10 VPs in a month this way via live or online non-tournament games).
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Marquetry wrote:Glad to hear this is approved! Anything to get more people playing - have 2 or 3, can still count :)

Fritz, glad to see a good level of interest there ;)
I've picked up two interested players and a few others who're willing to sit down for a demo. With 2-5 existing players numbers shouldn't be a problem but getting them all together for enough hours to play 3 rounds is more difficult. Very keen on the non tournament games counting as a result!

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