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By Naetor
 - Delta Quadrant
With 6 Excelsior events complete, we can start breaking down the decks and seeing which looks like it will rise to the top. Opinions are my own:

Tier 1: a top deck in the meta, favored to win
Tier 2: a deck that could win an event, but has challenges in the format
Tier 3: a deck that will struggle to win an event

Tier 1:
Federation Scientists - Fast with solutions for some of the strong dilemmas in the format
Gowron's Strength - The extra points from Brute Force gives this deck an advantage in any game going to time

Tier 2:
Escaping Detection Romulans - Shinzon is very strong in this format as non-dual dilemmas are more common, played like a solver
The Spirit of Kahless - Two mission win that uses A Chance For Glory to round the corner; alternative
Androids - Combines with TNG, but loses Lefler. Hits big on Common Ground.

Tier 3:
Romulan Solver - No way to discount expensive personnel and ships, and the loss of AWC? hurts the Events-speed balance. Roms are the only affiliation without a cycle event (eg Mutual Advantage)
Assassins - Difficult to balance killing your opponent with the need to solve 2-3 missions in 50 minutes.

There's one other deck I have came across that is either Tier 1 or 2, but I will wait until it is posted to place it.

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