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We had 4 players tonight but two of them were new players who weren't up for 3 rounds of swiss. Herewith a report on casual games, I hope the players still shortly be around to confirm and bag their VPs for the chosen affiliation.

Round 1 was experienced players coaching the new guys;

Robin TNG true tie vs Shailin with the Klingon starter
Fritz with romulan assassins modified loss vs Miles with my tng demo deck(1 mission to 0)

Edit: sigh, it looks like I don't have an up to date list for the deck I gave Miles. Will have to compile asap.

Robin and I stuck around for a second game:

Fritz romulan assassins MW 60-55 vs robin TNG

My assassins locked him out for ages and extra GUYS + sensing a trap points were enough to put me ahead after 1 mission solve each.
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We played again, March 7. Just two rounds:

Fritz romulan assassins FW vs Owen romulan starter 100-0
Robin (don't have a link to decklist) TNG MW 95 vs Rob (my TNG deck, still to post) 0

Owen ML 40 vs Rob 65
Fritz ML 15 vs Robin 55

Still hoping that people will show up and confirm these results.
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By CaptMDKirk (Matt Kirk)
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Great! I'll post your points next Monday, and I'll include the other players as well if they can post here.

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