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I am wanting to build a [OS] [1E-Rom] deck using Sherman's Peak and Deep Space Station K-7 for card draws with Temporal Benefactor and Temporal Almanac.

Sherman's Peak says Native to this timeline: all cards with both [OS] and [1E-AU] icon, but Deep Space Station K-7 says may be used by all players' compatible cards. Does compatible in this case mean Federation? In the glossary is says "Personnel and ships may report to compatible facilities. However, you must still have a personnel of matching affiliation when required by a card or rule."

Can [OS] [1E-Rom] use Sherman's Peak and Deep Space Station K-7?
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
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Deep Space Station K-7

You cannot report aboard the station unless you are compatible. Compatibility is determined by affiliation and things that let them mix. Unless you seed a treaty, you cannot report [1E-Rom] at K-7.

However, I believe, the station's game text doesn't require you to be aboard, since it says "at this location" and not "here."
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By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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Sherman's Peak

@winterflames is correct. When you seed Sherman's Peak, you must download K-7.

K-7 may be "used" only by compatible personnel. That means only compatible personnel can use K-7's transporters (and lower K-7's SHIELDS for beaming).* That function is thus limited to [Fed] and [NA] (and [OS] [Kli] , if you optionally downloaded Organian Peace Treaty) (Decipher clearly intended you to use Organian Peace Treaty).

However, the second function (the free report) of K-7 is broadcast to the entire location, and doesn't care about compatibility. Generally speaking, you will run an [OS] [1E-Rom] deck like this: report to Sherman's Peak using the built in "native to this timeline" report (which all Time Locations allow, as a card play), then convert it to a free play using K-7's text. You will never use K-7 other than that.

Note that having your free play engine subject to destruction by anyone with 17 WEAPONS is a bit of a weakness, but Sherman's Peak decks are much better than people give them credit for. (They're very good but less lego than The Final Frontier, and, understandably, laziness often beats excellence. :) )

*Usability also matters for docking and repair, but, as a Station, K-7 provides no built-in docking or repair anyway.

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