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By Takket
 - Delta Quadrant
1E Qo'noS Regional Participant 2021
Well, first off he has to be all by himself (cannot be on your ship or on an Borg facility) when you play it, because it would create a house arrest situation, and you can't willingly put him in a house arrest situation.

If a player has [Bor] and non-[Bor] cards present together (The Naked Truth, Frame of Mind, etc.), normal house arrest rules apply.

If you do manage to get him alone and turn him [NA] I believe you can use him to attempt a mission... glossary says this about Alien Parasites anyway...

You may use the controlled Borg to scout for your own current objective if you are playing Borg. If you are playing Borg and control a non-Borg ship and crew, they may attempt and solve a mission, but neither player scores the mission points.
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