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compatible cards can enter any player's headquarters.
just wondering about
If your opponent seeded a headquarters and you are playing the matching affiliation, you may utilize that headquarters as though it were "your facility." For example, if your opponent plays The Tower of Commerce on Ferenginar and you have played [Fer] cards, your personnel in that facility are not intruders, and you may use Assign Support Personnel to download a support personnel aboard.
Headquarters cards allow both players to report any compatible cards and to use the game text on the headquarters card. Reporting is not restricted to the cards listed on a Headquarters card, such as Cardassian Guls and Legates, which may report for free. (See characteristics.) Ships report in orbit of the planet.
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
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Compatible: you can use the facility (thus: enter, with [NA] or matching [or Treaty{?} -- but whose Treaty card?]).
Matching: Eberlem's underlined emphasis means that you then (also) become co-"owner". I think this is mostly for other cards that refer to "your facility".

Link to check (
I always appreciate links being added to questions, it saves time when answering
): office. Yes, I stand by my assertion.

Please don't go walking into Starfleet HQ to blow it up (again). Once was enough; and I liked Adm Forrest.

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