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Writing Team Manager
By OKCoyote (Daniel Matteson)
 - Writing Team Manager
2E Cardassia Regional Champion 2022
The Undiscovered Country functions if all your personnel in play are [CF] . If you downloaded non- [CF] personnel with Assign Mission Specialists, they are in play. It doesn't matter how they got into play.
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By WeAreBack
 - Beta Quadrant
A much better alternative is HQ:Executive Orders. Given how short most games are, it's very likely that you'll get an extra card draw every turn anyway. And it's especially likely if you play a Guess Who's Coming to Dinner deck, since you can just pick a Klingon with [CF] and a different property logo each turn, play them on the next turn and then immediately draw a card. (Don't forget Voyager has Captain Kang!)

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