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By Boffo97 (Dave Hines)
 - Gamma Quadrant
This is less a technical difficulty than a technical question: Is there a page somewhere to set which badges are shown on your posts of all the ones that you've earned? Or does the site decide which ones are worth showing and which ones not?
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Director of Operations
By JeBuS (Brian S)
 - Director of Operations
@Boffo97 It's controlled by the site itself (with one exception*). It's generally the latest award in each category.

There's a proposal for a new Premium Membership feature that would allow more control over your displayed badges. Other projects have taken priority, though, and so that hasn't gone anywhere yet.

*The exception is that certain achievements unlock the ability to add a specific badge to your forum posts. But only one. That would be available on the achievements page if you have it. (I don't.)

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