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Hey everyone!

So currently, I don't really have any decks built, nor do I have a large grasp on gameplay. I was working at Ollie's when the Tribble/Mirror Mirror shipments were floating around and it piqued my interest. I ended up buying a couple cases (yay employee discount lol), so I've got a swath of cards from those sets, as well as some Base set, and a few odds and ends from a couple of trades that I did through this site for unopened boxes.

Anywho, I've got all these cards sitting around and figured I'd see if anyoen was local or semi-local and wanted to show me how to put all this stuff to use/beat up on a noob xD I'd love to get a working Borg deck together, I've got some pieces that could probably make a deck, albeit surely not optimal lol.

Thanks for your time folks. Be well.

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