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Anyone in the city (Manhatta, Brooklyn, surrounding boroughs etc.) who is up for some in-person gaming sessions?

I just got into the game, have only played a couple of times but I'm so sucked into it that I'm working on expanding my deck via boosters (focusing on federation, klingon, and romulan decks right now because people in my household want to play but don't want to make their own decks so I'm creating for everyone).

I started with the "trouble with tribbles" Sisko cover starter deck and was just like "woah this is kinda awesome what the hell". Even if no one is around now, lmk if you come to the city I'm always down to play and learn. I'm hooked.
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By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
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Right up to March 2020, there was an active group out of a bar called The Lockyard in Brooklyn. They held a big event there just weeks before lockdown. I see that they have an event scheduled in December.
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By Spock with a Goatee (Stephen R Sanders)
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I used to live in NYC and am likely going to be up there for about a week in late June. Its a bit away, but shoot me a message and maybe we can look into playing a game when I'm up there.
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