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Hey all, I just joined after breaking open my 1e cards from stasis a couple weeks ago, buying stuff I lost, and salivating over the virtual cards. Is there still an active in-person playgroup in BC these days?

I noticed that Roxanne and Barb were on the leaderboards so clearly there’s a couple left, good job keeping the game alive.

BTW I’m Chris Enns, based in Abbotsford, and used to play with Roxanne et al at Hyperlight/Breakaway about 18-20 years ago.

Also, I’ve got two more that are interested in playing occasionally if I supply them decks :D
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By LORE (Kris Sonsteby)
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Hi Chris! Welcome to the CC. Glad to have you back. :cheersL:

If you are familiar with the Hyperlight crew, you may know Ken Tufts (@Worf Son of Mogh ) who will likely be your primary contact up there in the Vancouver area. There are still a handful of local players in the area, as well as several just south in the Seattle area - Justin Ford (@Resistance-is-futile ), Michael (@The Ninja Scot ) & Amber Van Breemen (@Marquetry ) , etc. If you are looking for casual games or even local tournaments, these folks would be the ones to connect with. Once you get your feet wet, you can then join them and several traveling players (myself included) in July for North American Continentals. I hope to cross paths with you in the future!
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I think Roxanne @hyperlight retired from competitive Trek a few years back. I think Ken @Worf Son of Mogh is likely your best contact, but Jules @LadyFenix might still be around as well.

Welcome back, and good luck! :cheersL:
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Welcome Back Chris!

We were very active playing 2-3 times a month before the pandemic hit in 2020, and then when boarders closed our group kind of splintered with half our players in Vancouver and the other half in the state.

We are slowly getting back into things, and with this year as we call it the year of the ferengi, we are hosting North American Continentals just south of the Seatac Airport in July (events are in the tournaments system) if you are interested in coming down. I would be more then happy to help you with any deck ideas with all cards printable we can get you hooked up.

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Thanks to all three of you for your replies. I'll definitely try to block out that weekend for continentals in Seattle. I've grabbed a few deck lists that looked to have been competitive recently and am going to build them as part of my 'gauntlet'. Once I've got a few games in and am fully refreshed with all rules/interactions I may start testing on LackeyCCG with you @Resistance-is-futile or whoever else is available. Did I read correctly that ALL cards can be printed for tournament play and not just the virtual ones? If so that's great.
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By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
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@VictoryIsLife yes, all cards are freely printable.

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