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By ShipNerd
 - Beta Quadrant
Could help you becoming a more experienced player or give deckbuilding advice and rule explanations, as I prove my deckbuilding skills in international tournaments, being headjudge in german championships and international grand brix etc. I can offer private test games and answering rule questions privately and competently.

But I do no longer play in rated tournaments myselve, and offer also this casual online multiplayer foramt, for those who like unrated play, which was created out of the needs of my local community for easier, balanced play in older age and less time/more distance to each other:

a casual interactive Multiplayer format for 2-4 player for online lackey:

We are 12 online player atm.

looking for 1e and 2e online player in gerneral?
join the dojo
https://discord.com/channels/3978313648 ... 1206523912
also visit the #1e multiplayer channel or Private message me.

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