Looking for a few cards to finish a Project Transwarp deck? Have a few extra you can spare? Help the community get more PT decks out there!
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Update: With the help of some peculiar invention called prize support and a generous donation by Ulf Benjes I was able to close some of the gaps in the Tranwarp Collection for the Berlin players' community. Cards I am no longer looking for are deleted below.
For a complete set of transwarp starter decks (16 decks with 60 cards each) I am missing only 34 more cards. I am willing to trade some of my rares for uncommons and commons (of course not 1:1, I see it more of a thank-you-gift and additional motivation), for example the following cards:

0 D 1 Harsh Conditions (Foil)
0 P 6 Palor Toff, Trader (Tournament Foil)
3 R 141 Damar, Useful Adjutant (Reflections Foil)
3 R 143 Dukat, Liberator and Protector (Reflections Foil)
3 R 150 Bashir Founder, Nafarious Saboteur (Reflections Foil)
3 R 196 Pardek, Betrayer
5 P 28 James T. Kirk, Living Legend
8 R 49 Disinterested Visitant
9 R 13 Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise
12 R 89 Kang, Vigilant Commander

Look for my (nearly up-to-date) tradelist at http://www.open-cards.de (nickname Tribble), send me trade (or plain donation) proposals via PM or via e-mail to vorwerk@satt.org, and maybe (depends on your generosity) you will be named as donor at future Berlin Transwarp tournaments just as Christian Zipper, Ulf Benjes and Tyler Fultz.

Since no one seems to be actively trading uncommons, you can also ask specifically for some of those. I’m also looking for Standard Cardassian Procedure for my own collection. And I’m still (sorely) missing the Archive Foil of the Columbia (10 A 18), if anyone would care to sweeten the deal. Feel free to check out my references at ... and let’s get this party rolling ...

And here are the cards I’m still looking for:
1 U 151 2x Amnesty Talks (currently in trade negotiation)
1 U 165 1x Evacuate Colony (currently in trade negotiation)

Equipment [Equ]
1 U 71 4x Starfleet Type-2 Phaser

Events [Evt]
1 U 77 1x Back-Flush Bussard Collectors
1 U 111 1x Standard Cardassian Procedure (currently in trade negotiation)
2 C 69 2 Unexpected Difficulties

Interrupts [Int]
2 U 74 1x Bank Heist
3 U 80 1x You Could Be Invaluable

1 U 219 1x Mora Pol, Pioneering Scientist
3 U 144 2x Elim Garak, Plain, Simple Tailor (can also be the Promo Edition)
3 U 153 2x Founder Leader, Beguiling Teacher
1 U 321 1x Brull, Encampment Leader
1 U 328 3x Grathon Tolar, Hologram Forger
14 C 101 2x Persis, Loyal Daughter
1 C 340 2x Rabal
1 U 374 1x Taris, Deceitful Subcommander

13 U 12 1x Key to the Alpha Quadrant
1 C 36 4x Magnetic Field Disruptions
3 U 25 2x Rogue Borg Ambush (currently in trade negotiation)
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