Looking for a few cards to finish a Project Transwarp deck? Have a few extra you can spare? Help the community get more PT decks out there!
By AaronC
 - Alpha Quadrant
Hi all,

Thought I'd give this one more shot before just tossing them: I have about 600-800 uncommons and commons from the 1E Premiere '95 (Beta) set that I'm trying to get rid of. They're the remnants of a full set of that I was building for fun, but I don't play 1E and I'm about to move so they've gotta go--and soon.

I'd be willing to simply ship them at cost to someone who wants them or wants to build some Transwarp decks out of them. But, it'd be great if someone was willing to trade for one or more of the four cards I need to complete my 2E Premiere set:

1 10 R Berserk Changeling
1 151 U Amnesty Talks
1 238 R Enabrian Tain, Head of the Obsidian Order
1 296 R Duras, Son of a Traitor

I'm really trying to get rid of these as a set, and I have no idea what exactly is in the stacks other than at least one of probably every uncommon and common, so I'd rather send out the whole lot at once and be done with it.

Please reply or PM if interested--thanks!

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