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 - Delta Quadrant
While a planet dilemma makes sense, I foresee a bit of confusion regarding this card- namely does its text apply at space? Well of course it does, but a inexperienced players will be scratching their heads wondering why planet dilemma has an effect at a space mission.

As a result, I would suggest adding the phrase "(even at a space mission)" to the game text.

Furthermore, I would like to reiterate that the phrase "when this dilemma is comsumed" is far more intuitive and space-saving than "when this dilemma is placed beneath a mission by a consume dilemma", And despite one's lonely cry that "consume" is not a valid description in 2E, it is used on Outmatched, and used without complaint. There is *no* reason not to use it here.

One more thing. There is no easy way to differentiate the dilemma's normal text from its consume text. As a result, the way it reads is awkward, and one may have a difficult time figuring out what the card actually does. Perhaps, we could some sort of separator between the two different effects. Whatever that might be- placing a line break, or italicizing the trigger, etc. One possible idea is since the number of cards that trigger outside their normal zone is small (Tuvok and Kira are the only one that comes to mind), we could "mark" such future cards (for example, by italicizing the trigger) to make it more apparent that the card does something outside its normal zone. Just a thought.

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