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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
Proudly (re-)introducing my Traditional Open Training deck line. 8)

What follows is a list with links to more-or-less simple, old-school, 1e STCCG decks built solely from original Decipher cards. They are intended to have fun, get (back) into the game, and learn/teach* with (see hidden notes at bottom); they are decidedly not intended to be competitive or innovative; and they aim to refrain from overly complex mechanics. (Except for the Borg, of course -- whose middle name would be "Complex"... if they could have a middle name.)

It might not be all that interesting for veteran, long-time players; but it aims to serve returning -- or new -- players that intend to use the original, Decipher-produced cards (i.e., "Traditional" card pool), and the original (old/vintage) Decipher (i.e., "Open") rules set and errata. That is not to say, that they can't be played alongside printed ("Virtual") cards; but it does mean that some -- or all -- of the decks are not regular-tournament legal, because they don't adhere to the modern (i.e., "OTF") deck building rules. But as stated, they weren't meant for organized play ("OP") in the first place.

This topic is a reworked and expanded version of this list, which might have been a bit out of place in that topic (which was meant for official Continuing Committee starter decks -- which include Virtual cards). So, with the new additions, I decided to give it my so-called "T.O.T." deck series a dedicated home.

A note for those above-mentioned veteran players and long-time members of this community:
I know full well that most people here agree that OTF rules (combined with Virtual cards and the modern errata) have been a great improvement, and saving grace, for this game. And this topic is, specifically, not meant for those people. :wink:

What I've seen in my past 4 years here, is that quite some new members might want to start out Open/Traditional, but quickly veer away from that old situation -- and adopt OTF/Complete, as have most regulars here.
However, we may also have seen some new or returning players who found all the grandiose, awesome, extensive new cards, rules and features, and above all, the neckbreaking speed overwhelming; and/or, not akin to the game they remember. We might get (and keep) those players aboard if there is something for them to work with. And eventually, even they might switch over to the modern side of things.

But temporary or not -- I've always felt there should also be some support for those looking to play with their beloved, vintage collected cards, and/or feed their headstrong nostalgia -- like my playgroup, and various other individuals that I've been in contact with. It is quite possible to have fun within that dreaded 'dark age' state of the game, if there is no intention to play competitively (e.g., Organized Play / tournaments).

Hence my reasons for gathering and presenting these decks, and adding some comments and tips.

Why did I create (and -- only much later -- publish) these decks?

Well, aside from the above reasons, there were various other influences. And we all love decks, in all forms, don't we?
For instance, here,
Pazuzu wrote:I try to gather all starter decks.
And here,
Wowbagger wrote:I want your beginner-level 1E decks!
Well, for the longest time I've been talking about, yet never daring to share, the Traditional Training variants of my local gaming environment's "internal" decks. They are supposedly (A) adequately-to-well-balanced among each other (but you know how that goes :shifty: ) --
Iron Prime wrote:(...) The modern game has little in the way of the events and equipment (...)
BCSWowbagger wrote:The game lasts very few turns right now. (...)
dragoncymru wrote:That's incredibly interesting (and a bit sad) (...)
-- and to remedy all the above-stated sadness ( :lol: ), additionally, my Training decks are (B) very old-school. Premiere-like, even. With quite some post-"PAQ" (
"Premiere/Alternate Universe/Q Continuum" -- the first 3 published card sets, published 1994-1996
) elements, but slow. No side-decks (mostly). Convenient. Easy. Not for experts (or speedy people :thumbsdown: ). For beginners (or very drunk, or tired, people :thumbsup: ). :cheersL:

In any case, I've had a blast with them, teaching new people; and they can be made with vintage "Traditional" Decipher cards, for those who are looking for such a thing. And -- surprisingly or not -- a lot of "new" members do request such decks. (I first wrote all this 6 months ago. :wink: I'm sorry it took so long, to get the additional deck lists in order.)

[Fed] Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 01 -- "Once Upon A Rare Killer Engineering Extension Course".
Deck notes:

So named because it grew out of my original 1995 deck which remained unbeaten for the longest time; based strongly in engineering skills; was the first of my decks that was appended with quite some rares; and finally got to benefit from my favourite augmented doctor -- who doesn't have the game text to back it up, but did follow some engineering classes.

This Federation crew, led by Krajenski, have 'unstealable' missions, a great skill density and distribution, and overal great resources. For these reasons, it's easy to name this the least unpowerful deck of the four mainstays in this Traditional Training deck line; and moreover, because it has a few of the more recognizable ships and faces, it may be the nicest deck to give to a prospective new player, to teach them the game with.

For future enhancement, a Klaestron outpost is always a better idea than the Neutral one (but it makes the deck seem like a  [Car] / [Fed] hybrid in the deck list, and I wanted to avoid confusion; hence I replaced the Klaestron with the Neutral one on 2020.03.01).

[Rom] Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 02 -- "Tebok And His Sneaky Straightforward Mission Solving Team".
Deck notes:

Tebok's Romulans cruise around, simply solving missions and minding their own covert business... but expecting you to mind your business a bit more than they stick to minding their own.

This deck could do with a second space mission -- especially to relieve the other decks' dilemma distribution options. (Since these are Open format decks -- without The Big Picture -- a big pile of space dilemmas might just make the player decide to go only for planets!) But on other fronts (e.g. Facilities and personnel versus mission skill density), the Romulans are not dealt the best hand. So it may balance out... or the skill load versus the steep mission requirements might just make this the most difficult deck to win with... Something to keep in mind for the teacher, when they choose a deck against their unwitting opponents. Especially when that opponent it a new, prospective player.

One of the planet missions could eventually be replaced with the equally 'unstealable' Investigate Shattered Space (the only Romulan-only mission which I had available for this deck; Quash Conspiracy is not an option for this "un-Intelligence" bunch :P ); but for this crew, "Shattered Space" is even more difficult than the planets.

[Kli]  Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 03 -- "Gowron Orders Kavok To Stop Hijacking Combat Lore Of K'chiQ".
Deck notes:

Contains [1E-AU] elements.

United by Gowron (but hailing from different Great Houses), this hodge-podge Klingon bunch have struck a pragmatic deal with the evil android, Lore; but there's enough honourable personnel among them, to keep his schemes from going too far. (And also some devious plotters, who are willing to aid him...)

These warriors are, like their Romulan adversaries, simply of a mind to solve some missions. However, they have relatively small but sturdy ships, and an army of combat leaders to boot. This may come in handy to protect those few missions that are 'stealable'. (Or you can add Fair Play.) So watch out for them, they may decloak when you least expect them.

[Baj] Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 05 -- "The Shakaar VIP Delegation Supports Opaka And The Emissary".
Deck notes:

Contains [NA] and [Maq] elements.

Shakaar's Bajorans are aided by a Husnock-tech boasting Maquis cell; their spiritual needs are tended to by Kai Opaka -- but they've also enlisted the aid of a number of non-aligned agents. This rag-tag band may have fewer, and less heavy, ships than the other draw decks. But they found and overhauled a tug they've dubbed, "The Husnock Hammer". (It's the name given her by the Maquis who took an eerie deserted outpost for their clandestine base of ops...)

Additionally, I added the Liberty; which, according to the 'Vintage' (Decipher-era) rules & errata -- which our playgroup use -- still had only 1 staffing icon. In the current state of affairs, it has 2. More difficult to staff by this-here lot (swap it out, if you don't like to play with the Decipher-era errata)... but they do also wield the seeded "Hammer".

[Fer] Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 06 -- "USF, or, Acquire Science Tomorrow - Sell Merchandise Today".
Deck notes:

Rest assured, Doctor Arridor and his team know what ails you. Probably, it's the inimidating numbers of your formidable opponent. These mischievous representatives of the Unites States of Ferenginar can remedy that! They used to be a crew of physicians and scientists, bent on conquering peer-reviewed journals to earn latinum -- but they found a quicker way. Delivering you their surplus sidearms for a steep profit. Just play 'em and enjoy the show -- watch them sell each other out for some of those sparkling gold-pressed bars.

If pitching this deck against the Bajorans and their allies (Deck 05), consider replacing the Study Cometary Cloud mission with, e.g., Collect Sample (difficult to do due to Transporter skill) or Market Research (slightly easier) to avoid duplicating the former location... and heaping up dilemmas there. But watch it, those ❖ missions are stealable (even if you add Fair Play)!

[Car]  Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 07 -- "Kira And Macet Oppose Turrel Interrogating Captive Nor Labourers".
Deck notes:

Turrel and his conservative henchmen go around capturing (and interrogating) stray personnel, and put them to work in a labour camp. There's also some more enlightened Cardassian denizens of the Nor, who try to science their way through dilemmas -- and safely return prisoners to their homes, in return for new fresh assets to assist their own efforts.

Since both Facilities work in tandem, seed them as close together as possible. Seed the Nor at a Space Mission, to take advantage of your Science Lab. Use Ops to download important personnel (like Elim, for Obsidian Order) to various sites. Use Docking Ports to report Freighters (Military, Bok'Nor) for free (or download them).

[Bor]  Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 14 -- "Unimatrix 333 Retasked As Designated Salvage Operations Hive".
Deck notes:

"Your life, as it has been, is over... Some long-wrecked ships will be salvaged; our Queen and her counterpart, found in the rubble (eventually); and the Terran homeworld, assimilated. Resistance is... well, not really futile, but-- Let's say we don't recommend it."

I feel this deck deserves a little bit more explanation. Because of my limited physical / Traditional card pool (admittedly self-imposed; but nonetheless satisfactory and thus rigid), and because of the basics of Borg design in STCCG, there was dire need for a larger size -- and a QTSD (Q's Tent Side Deck). There's too few Q's Tent doorways in the deck list; it's what I had at that time and how I played the deck, and I wanted the deck to have a nice rounded number of cards. But between the few Queens and the handful of Tent cards, there's only so many possibilities (i.e., too few) to get your Queen out; and even less for Locutus! This seriously hampers the deck as-is. Although -- the other decks have their drawbacks and weaknesses as well; and opponents should (perhaps be allowed to) anticipate the Borg Ship dilemma (when playing with Traditional cards/errata); either preparing for it, or circumventing at least one. This might cost time, and possibly, at least one of their ships. (Not so much trouble, if playing with modern errata; the Borg Ship was nerfed down quite a bit.) As such, this T.O.T. Borg deck should roughly be in the same general league as the others.
Deal with it and have fun fumbling around glamourously with these Borg during your training / teaching / practicing duels; or change the deck (see tips below); or be blessed with the luck of the draw; or harass me to put up a more advanced, better-developed iteration of this deck. On the other hand, you could pester me for the even earlier, non-side deck iteration (version 1.2), if you feel like trying to play Borg in an even more old-school manner.
But for now, I felt like this-here incarnation of my "Salvage Ops hive" -- nicknamed, "Unimatrix 333" -- was best suited for the Traditional Open Training deck line.

Do-it-yourself quick-improvement tips: I loved the Investigate Incursion mission (thematically and esthetically) -- but Secret Salvage is more competitive. The division between draw deck and QTSD is far from optimal -- try to swap some cards around. (To begin with: the Hugh interrupt -- accesible via the Tactic Drone -- is a bad probe, the drones are not.) Consider replacing the draw deck Cube (regular type) with a Tactical one. (The Cube in the Tent is only meant to facilitate a potential use of the Retask event -- downloadable by the Voyager Queen.) And, of course -- if you have 'em, add a few Queens and/or Q's Tent doorways.

[Dom] Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 10 -- "Do We Even Bother To Go Alpha? Come To Eris Or Pran".
Deck notes:

This Dominion invasion force -- led by either clone of Eris, and advised by the Breen general, Pran -- will be hard-pressed to gain a foothold in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. But if all works out a bit (that's quite a lot to ask -- but it's possible), a two-mission-win is viable! And that is what the Founders, working from behind the scenes, are manipulating you gunning for.

Most of the bonus pionts that may be gained by this deck, must be earned for the 2-mission-win to work out. So, a lot of material has to be fielded; objectives and interrupts, some of which can be drawn (via  [Door] ) or downloaded (by  [DL] ) from the Q's Tent side deck (which I really felt was necessary for this deck). To stall for time, if the Wormhole is drawn, draw the other one from the Q's Tent... forcing your opponent -- who sees the drawn interrupt! -- to be really careful about their moves. Because, of course, you've still not activated Ultimatum; there's no passage between the Quadrants yet! If you play it well, you can trap their mission-solving crew on the Gamma side... and squash them. In all honesty, that doesn't make for a very friendly game -- and, because things have to be done in quite a strict order, this deck can be a bit frustrating for either player (depending whether it draws well or not). But this is what I came up with from my limited card pool, and it functioned; and at least it showcases the Jem'Hadar army.

Upgrade tip: if you have the time -- against a slow deck and/or opponent, or if you want to try something different, you can of course forego the 2-mission-win aspect. If the 2-mission-win is a priority, leave the deck as-is; but if versatility is desired, for other missions and with more diverse dilemma-busting skills (and Diplomacy!), Temo'Zuma could be replaced with Weyoun. (This leaves only 10 Security and 9 Jem'Hadar in the deck, for Betazed and Subjugate.)

[Fed] Training variant of my Traditional Open Deck 13 -- "Vulcan Dream Gal Team 2Q: Dax And Ro Help Sarek Find Tin Man".
Deck notes:

Contains [Q] , [OS] and [1E-AU] elements; and even one  [Holo] personnel.

The ideas behind this deck were a mix-up of several long-standing wishes. A lady friend had requested some nice and skillful women in a deck which was not too difficult to play; I wanted to see some Vulcan mechanics in action for the first time; some nice ships needed to be tabled (I'm actually an Oberth fan -- but these boats weren't used at all, yet); I really wanted to use the Gomtuu mission; this was 'Team Two' of my Fed decks; and of course, it has a big role for Q too. Hence the deck title.

This Federation unit focuses on some peculiar missions -- not at all unstealable (but that's what Fair Play) is for. The deck is not really meant to be fully competitive, even against my other Traditional Open Traning decks. However, with some luck, it actually can be; because it also makes use of some speeding-up options that are a go-to in competitive gameplay (even in modern/contemporary OP!). Those are: Assign Mission Specialists and Assign Support Personnel. (There are only 2 specialists in the deck -- Dr. La Forge and Wallace -- you'll need them for their skill. See how you draw and bring in a desired support personnel from the large selection, just before your first attempt.) But because of the intentionally funny "direct-win-or-direct-lose" combination in the Q Continuum (Q Flash) Side Deck, you might end up with a very "random" backfire from Q. (Unless you added some more Countermandas, e.g. instead of Regular Rogers.) I found it hilarious to try and see it work, even though there's not much versatility in the dilemma distro department. (How I played it, there was actually no flexibility in the distribution at all; for the Q-Icon cards from the Continuum side deck, captives need to be maximized quickly, and even more important, points must be lost/gained.) But it makes for a comfortable showcase; exhibiting both the regular use of the Q-Icon cards (side deck version), as well as the seeded-as-dilemma use (Beware Of Q version).

For future enhancement, the Klaestron outpost is always a better idea than the Neutral one (but it makes the deck seem like a [Car] / [Fed] hybrid in the deck list, and I wanted to avoid confusion). Also, consider swapping the Investigate Anomaly for its "sequel" (Anomaly II) mission; and take out the Neutral/Klaestron outpost. This makes room in your sleeves for another dilemma; and for fun, Android Nightmares might -- if everythings so happens to play along -- actually interact with Q-Type Android.
Also, to diversify the Q Continuum's input in your game, you could swap out Q-Icon cards. For replacement, I was considering Quandary, Ar-Q-Ologist, and Q's Fantasy Women.
Lastly (but certainly not definitively), Spock might be a... fascinating improvement on a number of the personnel aboard; Alynna Nechayev could make way for Satelk (another Vulcan); and Albert could be retired for, e.g, Isaac or the E.M.H. Program.

(And nowadays -- as last-remaining possible T.O.T. -- there's also a lot-less-than-serious second [Bor] [1E-AU] deck 24... 8) )

Some more notes on these Traditional Open Training decks...
During 1995-2008 I built my first line of decks -- but interest of other players waned. Later, in the early days (2014-2017) of my new Traditional game group environment, I truncated my chunky, gimmicky, 'great fun' decks (dubbed as internal power level, "Tier-1") into "Training decks" which worked great together to teach the game to newcomers.

They were originally developed for Open format gameplay -- or at least according to Open format design standards. In practice, for these specific decks, this mostly means that more than 2 duplicate dilemmas might be included (often affiliation-flavoured; and never to employ the infamous "broken" tactics) and perhaps some banned cards (like Red Alert). But since these decks are specifically meant to be pitted only against each other, there'll be no problems.

The Open format background additionally means, that The Big Picture and Fair Play are not incorporated in the rules (as is the case with the currently prevalent OTF format); nor are those cards included in all the decks, which is noteworthy.

Moreover, since our playgroup uses the original Decipher-era cards and their pre-Continuing Committee errata, some cards -- notably the Borg Ship dilemma and the Maquis ship, Liberty -- are intended in these decks to perform according to their old iterations. But of course, I leave that to your own judgements.

Lastly, these decks might contain some dilemmas which might be a bit more confusing for novice* players -- and that's exactly what our wonderful Dilemma Resolution Guide is for. (The old one, by Decipher era documents guru, Major Rakal, will do fine; since that version is finished and polished; and it contains all dilemmas used in my decks.)

*: For the first few, and very quick -- showcase -- games, a veteran player might also instruct new players with my "Impulse Speed" decks, akin to "Warp Speed" but with far less changes from the full format.
I'm of a mind to post those -- and the "Impulse Speed" format rules -- too, 'some day soon'. (Which I've been planning for ages, as well. :roll: )

For some time, I was hesitant to post either line of decks; but in the months prior to September 2019, there'd been shown a consistent continuation of the sporadic (but ever-present, it seems) interest in decks with only Decipher-published (Traditional) cards. In February 2020, via PM I received a friendly and enthusiastic request for the "release" of my approximately compatible [Car] deck and my rather-less-than-more compatible verion of [Bor] . Which in our playgroup we, internally, also have had many hours of fun with -- compatible or not. :thumbsup:
And herewith, I like to accomodate those wishes! 8)  :thumbsup:

Something on the general design philosophy of the Traditional Open Trainers:
In general, I started out with the following constrictions in mind -- no side decks. Only original (Premiere set) card types were used (no  [Obj] ,  [Inc] , [Tac] , ...; and no [Art] nor [Holo] ). No consistent draw or play engines; but Red Alert has often sped up a game. (But certainly not always towards a win for the first player who brought it out!) It may be nice to replace the Red with a Yellow Alert, in any of the decks; in fact I encourage you to upgrade the lists to tailer them to your own needs. (And according to the wishes of your pupils!) Because, for certain, there's room for quality improvement -- these decks were never meant to be very efficient, fast, or powerful. They were meant to be easy, fun, and educational.
Because of the small total deck size (60 cards -- total -- for the first four 'mainstays'; up to 100 for the others) and tiny seed decks (around 20 cards for the mainstays), there's also plenty room for simple expansion.
The later (larger) decks might have less room for such change -- both physically (i.e., more/all seed slots have been used) as well as mechanically (i.e., they contain more elements which I thought was indispensible to their operation within the T.O.T.-level environment). Also, these latter decks are more specific for their affiliations, and in need of more specialized mechanics, side decks, and/or card types -- although they always aim for relative simplicity. These decks may be considered stepping stones to more advanced gameplay within the T.O.T. league.

I hope people can use these decks and have fun with them. :cheersR: Thanks!
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By ianbrk
 - New Member
I registered on this forum to voice my enthusiasm about these decks! I recently got into another card game and with Picard coming out I remembered fondly Star Trek CCG from when I was about 9-10 years old. I only played Premiere, Alternate Universe, and Q Continuum (which I guess people around here call the PAQ era). I was browsing the forum anonymously trying to find good Starter Decks that only used cards printed in the original run. It's amazing what the Continuuing Committee has done for the game, but I really wanted to play the game I remembered playing as a kid.

These decks are exactly what I was looking for. I purchased every single card (I know, I know, I could have printed them but I am a collector) and made a "battle box" of the first five decks so I could easily bring it along with me to my local game store to introduce players to the game. The cards for the Cardassian and Borg decks are in the mail and I look forward to putting those together (esp. since people are quick to ask me if there is a Borg deck).

So again, thank you for putting these together and making them available to people like me who are reintroducing themselves to this game.
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
You bought all the cards!? :o No pressure! :x ( :lol: ) Now I really hope (i.e., even more so) that you'll have a good time with these decks! :P (Hopefully you had a substantial part of the material still lying around...? :shifty: )

Well, if it's only half the fun we've had with them, then you'll be fine. That all depends on what you expect in the departments of compatibility and competitiveness, of course. But I'd already mentioned that in the OP, so it was a conscious choice from your side.

Which I'm glad for, and honoured about! 8) I'd love to think that someone across the pond is having fun with the stuff that I spent hours on building! :cross:

Either way, let us know how it all turns out for y'all, after a few games. (The good and the bad, perhaps -- even if in a constructive manner! :wink: -- so that other users might learn from it.)

As you might have seen, I've added one or two extra enhancement / improvement tips in the OP's (
) deck descriptions.

Indeed, that's exactly what we call it. And since you're a PAQ man (heh! Heheh! Heheheh! :D ), the next deck I might have to put up is number 13 which -- as mentioned in OP -- might be up your alley as well.

You're very welcome; and thank you for inspiring & encouraging me to put up those 2 extra ( [Bor] / [Car] ) decks and polish this publication. :cheersR:
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
First: I edited the OP's deck descriptions a bit; added a number of convenient cards link tags, among other things.

SudenKapala, in the initial version of the OP, wrote:( [...] The original run within our group also included [Dom] deck 10, but that was an inflexible, heavily structured, bulky two-mission-win deck that might not be fun to play.)
That's not a very good sales pitch, I know. It might actually be sightly better than advertised; and I hope it can be fun after all. I just wanted to be sure you know what you're getting into. 8) (And while less flexible to play, this 10d is probably still easier than [Bor] 14d.)

So, there it is! (I edited it into the OP -- in publishing order, so that's why it's below 14d.)
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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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I have belatedly added this to the Handy Player Resources thread here: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=32499&p=379848#p379848
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
I must sincerely apologise for the overabundant use of smileys (even for my taste) in my somewhere-above post.
It looks horrible. (Insert ROTFL smiley here.) I do love my smileys on-screen, since I don't smile at all IRL; and this way I do get the feeling that I'm a happy person. (LOL?) But that post went much too far.

BCSWowbagger wrote:I have belatedly added this to the Handy Player Resources thread
:thumbsup: 8) I like your description there. I hope it draws in the right crowd, either to progress into Complete/OTF later; or to remain in Traditional/Open, like my play group. As long as new players stay with the game somehow, for me it's been a succesful endeavour! :cheersR:

SudenKapala, in the initial OP, wrote:(All this leaves, for the foreseeable future, the "public polished posting" of my approximately compatible [Fed] [Q] [1E-AU] deck 13 -- which is actually even less competitive, but which can be quite funny. [...] )
Here we go... (I've again edited it into the OP list; again in publishing order.)
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
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Ensign Q wrote:I like that you named it tot, which means dead in german.
Thanks for reacting constructively to my work! :P

Actually, I had thought of that issue originally (I do speak a limited bit of German -- spent a lot of time near Dresden). The abbrev.-style dots didn't fit in my original lenghty thread title. But since I wrote it in all-caps -- let me explain: "TOT", not "tot" :wink: -- and since I USUALLY don't (i.e., almost NEVER) use caps in ANY of my posts, and since MOST German speakers I met over the years were very SMART people, I thought there wouldn't be MUCH confusion. :lol:

Now you have to live with that decision. :lol: But just for you, I made some changes.

At least you had fun with my decks, too... by being able to write your post there! :thumbsup:
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By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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SudenKapala wrote: :thumbsup: 8) I like your description there. I hope it draws in the right crowd, either to progress into Complete/OTF later; or to remain in Traditional/Open, like my play group. As long as new players stay with the game somehow, for me it's been a succesful endeavour! :cheersR:
Quite so! :cheersL:
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
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LeoKula wrote:Just found out about these and they're amazing! Great work!
Thank you very much! :D
Any chance we ever get a 1E starfleet only T.O.T. deck?
Frankly... I wasn't actually planning on it, no. 'Traditionally', 1E has only the 18 cards from the Enterprise Collection as a basis for a [SF] Starfleet deck. For my own deck building principles and personal tastes, that's too meagre. The mechanics are there -- but you'd still be using a lot of other personnel.

From the get-go in coming here (2016), I've been planning to build [Vul] and [SF] decks -- but they'll be Complete/Virtual (and thus also geared towards OTF, not Open format). There are too many great people, events and things from the [22] era, to stick to those 18 Traditional cards. (But because I did want to stick to Traditional until recently, those V-decks aren't there yet. There's many other V [SF] decks posted out there, though!)

If you really want to play with Traditional cards and Starfleet, however, I think my [Fed] TOT deck ("01d" -- or any other Federation starter/beginner deck) is a fine basis for that. Making your own TOT [SF] deck would actualy be super-easy...
Cut out some of the current personnel and ships, and put in as many of the E'prise Collection cards. 8) ... Barely an inconvenience!

If you are interested in that, and have done so (i.e., create your own Starfleet deck), please feel free to post it --- or them -- here (w/ or w/o additional notes), and I'll add them to the OP so that people see them immediately if they stuble across this topic. :) :thumbsup:
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
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OK. Well, thank you, Leo. :roll: No thanks to you, there now are plans to create such a deck. :roll: ( :wink: :thumbsup: :lol: )

Notes-to-self-or-others on overhauling "TOT 01d" into a Starfleet deck:

[SD] This is your facility -- it was errata'd "quite a ways away" from the Decipher version. Remove e.g. the Federation outpost (so that there is a bit of a cost for all the great EC personnel that come with this conversion).
Replace one of the [1E-P] missions with Espionage mission to build your house.

[SD] Use the online deck builder ("copy" my deck list; then add and remove cards at will; then "check") to analyse how best to replace personnel. The EC personnel are hit-and-miss, but mostly heavy-hit; so you shouldn't have trouble replacing my FEDs and putting in Fleeters with an equal or better total skill set!

[SD] Consider adding Defend Homeworld to seed deck to download Forrest, who can get you a [22] ride.
(However, keep in mind that this may give this deck a serious advantage over other TOT decks. Perhaps add a Spacedoor to them, then? I believe there's room in most of them, since currently < 30 seed cards?)

[SD] Look at all the [DL] special downloads on the EC cards; replace as many original "01d" cards with the downloadable cards. (Consider seeding a Q's Tent -- but that, too, gives an advantage. Still, we'll want to use some of the downloads, don't we. Yep. Well, forget the Tent; possibly drawing the downloadables will be the penalty for the chance to free-play them.)

[SD] However, do remember that this is your Archer (if you play, as I intended, with Decipher and not CC errata); and Porthos is not available! (Because Ripley left him behind -- "Stupid cat! :wink: " -- when she returned to LV-426.)

[SD] Replace any "verbs" ( [1E-Evt] , [1E-Int] , ...) with their equivalents in the EC. Swap the new gun ( [Equ] ) for the old.

... Really, this conversion runs itself. 8)
And it's how I thought that Decipher intended to leave 1E -- with a 'small flavour' of [SF] possible in 1E decks that were otherwise [Fed] or perhaps [NA] . I think they did a nice job, for the number of cards -- but have never played them, myself.
Curious to hear whether this works, and if it's fun to play!
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By LeoKula
 - Alpha Quadrant
SudenKapala wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 4:33 pm OK. Well, thank you, Leo. :roll: No thanks to you, there now are plans to create such a deck. :roll: ( :wink: :thumbsup: :lol: )
"That was my plan... all along" - I'm sure somebody in Star Trek already said that (?)

It's time I dust off my enterprise collection and try a hand at this soon. I'll post a link here if I come up with a T.O.T. draft for starfleet as well :thumbsup:
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By rabyte
 - Alpha Quadrant
Wow, I just registered to say thank you! :thumbsup:
This is just what I was looking for. When the game was at its peak, I was more of a collector than a player. So I have basically every classical card in my collection (but only once :? ).
Lately (looking at you, Corona) I had some time to scroll through my collection again and thought it would be nice to give the game a try as well. I knew about CC and the big improvement that have happened, but it is great you created these decks as a starting point from classical cards.

I also like that you have more advanced variants now (with Q side deck). I was thinking about getting rid of everything after RoA [1E-Fer] because from the game's perspective I believe the FC/BoG/Dom era is apparently the peak. Also I think that is when a lot of players stopped buying. Maybe something worth considering for future, more advanced decks? (In case it will be happening 8) ).

So again a big thank you and I hope more people will come back to the game again. It worked for me.

(Also looking forward to the teaching videos CC has announced on Youtube. But that is another story :) )

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