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For the v12.5 playtest I tried to build something that was in the spirit of BCF but also made sense with the rules changes.

I expect to draw into all my attribute boosting events and some defensive stuff after 1 turn of drawing with TATV and Back Flashed Bussard Collectors. From there the personnel and interrupts tricks take over and the attributes are sky high. I can solve the big missions with 5 personnel.

I made sure there was some order drawing because (and everyone else at the playtest seemed to get this as well) after 1 turn you just want to spend all your time solving, and it's good to not run out of tricks in hand.

A hat tip to Essential Regrets which is great for not letting bouncing piles keep you stuck in place forever.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this experiment in BigMissions plus Big Crew.

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