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By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
[Int] Kanar
When your personnel fail a mission attempt during which they faced at least one dilemma, you may draw up to three cards. Then, if you command Cardassia Prime or a Chef, you may shuffle this interrupt into your deck.
"I wouldn't trust a Cardassian that didn't enjoy a glass of kanar every once in a while."
[Int] Raktajino
When one of your personnel is about to be stopped during a mission attempt, prevent that. Then, if you command Qo'noS or a Chef, you may shuffle this interrupt into your deck.
"After six months, I was hoping the Klingons would invade... at least they know how to make coffee, even if they are foul-smelling barbarians."
[Int] Romulan Ale
While your personnel are facing a dilemma, they are Cunning -1, Integrity +1, and Strength +1 until the end of that mission attempt. Then, if you command Romulus or a Chef, you may shuffle this interrupt into your deck.
"Romulan ale? Why Bones, you know this is illegal."
"I only use it for medicinal purposes."
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
1E The Neutral Zone Regional Participant 2021
Can't comment on play value, but I like these as a series idea.
How about Bajoran Spring Wine? And Snail Juice?
For humans... Whiskey? Prune Juice? Or The Green Stuff?
By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
Yes, there's plenty of other drink (and food!) options, but I lacked the imagination to give them mechanics.

Prune juice is the perfect Federation choice!
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By Boffo97 (Dave Hines)
 - Gamma Quadrant
I'd say Romulan Ale should lower INTEGRITY rather than raise it, but that would make the card unplayable.
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