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 1-2 Follow-Up #423: L.M.H. Prog vs Scintillating Personality 
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Post 1-2 Follow-Up #423: L.M.H. Prog vs Scintillating Personality
I knew after doing 1-2 Punch-Up long enough, one of the concepts I have already finished would be used in the actual game. Let’s see how the two versions stack up.

My Version: (off of Lewis Zimmerman)
[Fed] 2 L.M.H. Program
•Biology •Exobiology •2 Medical
At the end of your turn, you may discard a card from hand to make this personnel attributes +1 until the end of your next turn.
“If you’d like my advice, you should delete this program. Now that I’m here, why do you need an archaic piece of software like him?”

The Continuing Committee’s Version:
[Fed] 2 •L.M.H. Mark I
Scintillating Personality
•Biology •Exobiology •2 Medical
Acronym for Long-term Medical Hologram. Modeled after Dr. Julian Bashir by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman to be more personable than the E.M.H. program. “I hope you’re more interesting than you seem. I’d hate to be boring.”
40 V 32

The biggest difference here is the uniqueness. I’m not sure I understand why. Maybe it’s just the prototype, but then why the “Mark I” instead of the way the E.M.H. Program is named? Maybe 2 Medical is supposed to be rare. I don’t know. They didn’t do too much more work other than dumping the E.M.H.’s database into him and scanning Bashir for the look. But they scanned Bashir, so I assumed it would be his physique with a Strength of 6, not the E.M.H. with a Strength of 4. Maybe he’s not programmed to fight at all and that’s the idea. (The Doctor seems to have buffed up a bit.) In any case, we both thought the updated medical database constituted another Medical level. I figured this was for all of Starfleet, so I went with the [E] icon, but it is a little tricky to get those guys on DS9 without the icon, so I guess it fits there. The rest of the Federation will have to make due with the E.M.H. I added an extra ability to keep making him upgraded as long as you don’t shut him off between turns, but I suppose I can understand that makes him a little too complicated. I have always hated doing an explanation and a quote in a card’s lore, but he didn’t say a lot of witty things. With the subtitle, I think the CC’s quote works just fine and we didn’t need the explanation of what “L.M.H.” stand for.


Dickie1701 @heidermurph Thank you. We’re so happy to finally meet him.

Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:03 pm
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