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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
Some infiltration-related cards. Choose the Changeling gives you some benefit if your infiltrators are easily exposed (like vs. Bajorans). The others are "casual infiltrators" -- infiltrators that can do their thing in the right match-ups even outside of a dedicated infiltration deck.
[Inc] Choose the Changeling
[HA] Seeds or plays on table. If your infiltrator was just exposed by their true persona, place on infiltrator. All personnel present (except any Miles) are stopped until beginning of your next turn, then discard incident. OR Once per game, at any time, download to hand a changeling with an infiltration icon; discard incident.
From "The Adversary". Download is at anytime so it can be done during the play phase. Edited: download is once per game to prevent multiple downloads from multiple seeds.
[Rom] [Kli] Ja'rod
[Cmd] [1E-AU] <Kli> V.I.P.
Father of Duras, Lursa and B'Etor.
[SD] Treachery x2 [SD] ENGINEER [SD] Computer Skill
[DL] Prefix Code Transmission (if infiltrating).
[NA] Picard Impersonator
[Cmd] <Fed> OFFICER
Telepathic male humanoid who impersonated Jean-Luc Picard in order to study the concept of leadership.
[SD] Leadership [SD] Music [SD] Empathy
[SD] Anthropology [DL] Issue Secret Orders
I can't decide between Leadership or Leadership -1.
[Rom] Selok
<Fed> V.I.P.
[SD] Treachery [SD] Diplomacy [DL] Recover Operative
[Obj] Recover Operative
[HA] Seeds or plays on table. Place on your infiltrator with V.I.P. or Diplomacy (once per game per infiltrator card title; discard if infiltrator exposed). You may beam infiltrator from opponent's ship to your ship at same location with Diplomacy, Treachery, and Transporter Skill aboard to score points; discard objective. [10]
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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
More infiltrator stuff: Brent Spiner pretending to be other versions of Brent Spiner.
[Fed] Data
[EE] (nem> OFFICER
Soong-type android who impersonated B-4 to rescue Jean-Luc Picard.
[SD] ENGINEER [SD] Computer Skill x2 [SD] Astrophysics
[SD] Honor [DL] Daring Rescue [DL] Vulcan Nerve Pinch
[SD] <NA> (if opponent has played an android).
Conditional infiltration icon. Possible conversion of Data (Aspirer).
[Int] Daring Rescue
Plays on your Away Team present with your personnel held captive. Relocate captives and Away Team to your ship here. Score points. [5]
[NA] Lore
<Fed> <nem) CIVILIAN
Evil Soong-type android who posed as his brother, Data. Communicated with the Crystalline Entity.
| Does not work with your [Fed] affiliation. |
[SD] Treachery x2 [SD] Computer Skill [SD] Cybernetics
[DL] Crystalline Entity (as an interrupt, if no facility here).
From "Datalore". Download shouldn't be too weird as long as we prevent annihilation at headquarters. Still might be brutal.
[NA] B-4
Dangerous simpleton used by Shinzon to lure the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E. Soong-type android brother of Data.
[SD] Computer Skill [DL] Bait Nemesis
[SD] May report on any |FED| [P] mission.
Conversion of B-4.
[Obj] Bait Nemesis
[HA] Seeds or plays on table. Place on your personnel with an infiltration icon on a [P] mission (once per game per mission). Target opponent's nearest ship (up to 9 span away) with affiliation that matches infiltration icon. Ship and crew must do nothing but travel here; your personnel then relocates to ship and begins infiltrating. Discard incident whenever personnel moves or relocates.
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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
Taking a break from infiltrators with some Rules. The first one is a bottom-up boost to GPL, the others are top-down designs.
[Evt] 7th Rule of Acquisition
[Rule] Keep your ears open and your eyes on the mark.
Seeds or plays on table. You may use Gold-Pressed Latinum game text an additional time each turn. (Unique.)
Could also be 9th Rule: "Opportunity plus instinct equals profit."
[Evt] 18th Rule of Acquisition
[Rule] A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all.
Plays on table. Ferengi personnel in play are attributes all +2 if present with Gold-Pressed Latinum and attributes all -2 otherwise.
Intentionally affects opponent's personnel, too. Might need to be +/-1.
[Evt] 109th Rule of Acquisition
[Rule] Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack.
Seeds or plays on table. You must play with your hand exposed face up on the table. At the start of each turn, if you have at least three [Fer] cards in hand, draw a card.
Draw is at start of turn to avoid confusion about end-of-turn sequencing.
[Evt] 194th Rule of Acquisition
[Rule] It's always good to know about new customers before they walk in your door.
Plays on your Acquisition personnel. Once every turn, you may look at one of opponent's crews or Away Teams at same location for 10 seconds.
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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
In honor of Cardassian week, here are some Cardassian cards! In my opinion, 1E Cardassians are overrated as far as capturing goes. They are great at exploiting captives, but pretty average at taking captives. These nouns won't completely fix that, but they could be of some help.
[Car] Cardassian Judiciary
Seeds or plays on Cardassia Prime. May coexist with Central Command. Has a Brig. Once per turn, one Cardassian Law personnel may report for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
There aren't a lot of Cardassians with Law, but the idea here is that if you were planning to seed Holding Cell Door on your Central Command to get a Brig, you could seed this instead of the Doorway and get an upgrade. This facility could also be called Central Jail, since that is actually named in the episode (DS9: Tribunal). It's just a matter of which set gets to be in the picture.
[Car] Evek (DS9)
Attache to the Demilitarized Zone... Gul...
[SD] Diplomacy [SD] Leadership [SD] Law [SD] Anthropology [DL] Internment
Lost SECURITY in conversion, because I'm not comfortable with drastically increasing the number of cards Defend Homeworld can download.
[Car] [Univ] Patrol Scout
Hideki Class
Typical Cardassian patrol vessel outfitted for use as a scout vessel in and near enemy territory. Evek commanded one for extraditing Miles O'Brien.
[Stf] Tractor Beam (cannot carry ships aboard).
Obvious combo is obvious. Also considered making this a unique Patrol Ship named Yukawa, but I wanted maximum Scout Encounter capability.
By Slayer07
 - Beta Quadrant
Ja'rod's lore is awfully short. That would need real expansion either that or you could fit on more skills. I know it's hard with little to no info on him but he should have something to differ from his first version Ja'rod besides the download to make it worth the Klingons using him.

Picard Impersonator; I say ditch the download. In place of it add "At start of each turn choose Leadership or Leadership-1." or something to that effect. I might also raise that cunning by 1. Would their be room in the lore to say something about flirting with Beverly?

Selok, not much of an improvement over the original lol. Maybe SECURITY could go here, both for her position in the Romulans and for her 'checking' Data's protocols. Tal Shiar maybe?

Data; I don't agree with him infiltrating non-aligned. It should be Romulan...well it should be Reman but they aren't there own affiliation. But he never had to infiltrate the Klingons or Bajorans in that manner. Maybe lose the [DL] of nerve pinch.

Lore seems lacking somehow. He could stand a few more skills like his personas I think. ENGINEER, Exobiology and Anthropology maybe? Download I think is fine, the Entity is pretty underwhelming, especially without Lore(Fajo Collection).

It's probably worth noting that the Evek you have selected has already been 'converted'. This one was done as Evek (Homefront II), and he kept his Security. The download and his standard law are the only 'new' things to him.

Cardassian Judiciary I think could work well. One way to make this card better, give it a download of Articles of Jurisprudence. Appropriate too I think.
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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding Ja'rod, I only write the gameplay-relevant lore. I'm not too concerned with how he compares with the existing Ja'rod because this Ja'rod is more of a Romulan card than a Klingon card. He needs to be able to go into Romulan decks so he can help them blow up Klingon stuff, so if I had to choose one affiliation for him, that's the one. On the other hand, I do like him as a Klingon, too, because I like the idea of a Klingon mirror match turning into a blood bath.

I definitely want the Issue Secret Orders download on Picard Impersonator. Infiltration is a fundamentally situational mechanic, which is is why I think most infiltrators need to be self-sufficient. Also, the strongest effects should go on the more easily exposed infiltrators. The real Picard goes in TNG, Ent-E, and possibly one day DS9 decks. Though the telepathic alien and Krajensky Founder had very different motives, they both issued orders (secretly) that sent ships off on dangerous missions.

The flip side of that is that infiltrators still need to be useful in matchups where they can't infiltrate, and you're absolutely right that Selok and Lore fall short in that regard. For some reason I was following the Founder convention with Selok (skills of who they are pretending to be + Treachery), and with Lore for some reason I wanted to avoid a one-line lore box even though that's exactly what the original Lore had. So those need to go back into the shop. (I also forgot that Selok was universal.)

Data is the card I'm least satisfied with here. My thinking was that Data wasn't posing as a Romulan (well, not this time), but he was posing as B-4, and I was assuming that B-4 would continue to be Non-aligned. This Data can infiltrate the "android affiliation." It's a nice coincidence that Romulans use Cybernetics Expertise a lot. There's still the question of what he gains by infiltrating, and I think the Vulcan Nerve Pinch download was thrown in there as a way to do something. (He did that in the movie, right? I don't remember it very well.) Otherwise we're counting on a deck with BOTH capture and androids, and that seems like a bad plan. Or maybe this just needs to be a decent, free-playable Data who will only infiltrate once in a blue moon.

Homefront II Evek was Harsh Interrogator. This one is Attache to the Demilitarized Zone.

Cardassian Judiciary could get the download but I think that would push it to 4 lines of text unless I got rid of the free play.
By Slayer07
 - Beta Quadrant
Well if Ja'rod is made only for the Romulans basically, I'd get rid of the dual affiliation thing then honestly. Maybe given what little we know he could take the Shinzon (Chain of Command) route and give himself and Mogh Nemesis icons then, that'd give this one (in Klingon) a little extra oomph that isn't on the Klingon version so he can get the drop on Mogh.

Honestly thinking about I think I'd ditch the download on Picard Impersonator and make up an incident that copies things from that basically self contained episode. That could include that download instead and the thematic download of Telepathic Alien Kidnappers.

The problem with following convention for Selok is that we don't know the real one at all. Decipher simply made her as the episode showed, not as a real infiltrator. This one needs to be reshopped big time lol. As for Lore maybe his 'conventional' restriction should be lifted here, he did work with the Enterprise crew for a brief amount of time in that episode. Really if you think about Lore was originally given that restriction because at the time of Fajo Collection Data was only universal to the Federation at that point, so it was a matter of balance. Today that isn't necessary with Data's personas of Carlos, Sherlock Holmes, and the Descent Data.

I think Data did actually use the nerve pinch to knock out a Reman doctor before freeing Picard but he also used that on Sela in Unification part 2 so it's not exclusive. Granted we can assume (if converted) B-4 would stay Non-Aligned and not be a Romulan, but for consistencies sake he should be infiltrating for Romulans only. Maybe I'm missing something but there is no 'Android affiliation', not even as a micro one. Not sure here.

Either way the other Evek just seems unneeded to me, especially with the loss of SECURITY.

With only 11 Law personnel, counting Makbar only once and including the 3 2E ones that if not converted won't make it past next year I think the loss of free report is an acceptable one for the download.
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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
In a previous post, I wrote that Cardassians are "great at exploiting captives, but pretty average at taking captives." It's notable that most capturing-related cards only do one or the other. Capture is therefore what Magic designers would call an A/B mechanic, where you have A cards and B cards and you need the right intermix ratio of the two. Actually, it's kind of an A/B/C mechanic because you usually also need some logistics to get your personnel present with your captive.

I started thinking if capture could instead be like Magic's Energy mechanic, where every card that produced Energy also let you spend Energy, though you were free to spend Energy on a different card. The A and B functions were combined on a single card, so every card was self-sufficient. Valuable Prisoner is the only card like that currently, so here are some rough sketches of some more:
[Int] Take for Questioning
Once every turn, captures an opposing personnel present with your personnel with any Intelligence. You may download Interrogation to that captive.
Now that 2EBC is gone, Intelligence isn't its own skill, so couldn't we redefine "Intelligence" to mean "any Intelligence?" That would shorten "personnel with any Intelligence" to "Intelligence personnel."
[Evt] Cardassian Sadism
[HA] Seeds or plays on table. Discard event to capture an opposing personnel present with your Treachery Cardassian; you may download Torture to that captive.
Could download a [Pun] card instead. You could also make the case that Torture should get [Pun] errata.
[Obj] Bounty
[HA] Seeds or plays on table. You may capture an opposing personnel present with your [NA] SECURITY, then place Objective on captive. If you place captive in your brig, discard objective and score points. [5]
We could take a cue from SWCCG and make different Bounties that give you extra points if the captive has certain characteristics, e.g. dissident, Leadership, SCIENCE, etc. Or we could not do that because that's kind of drifting into generic sci-fi instead of something specifically Trek.
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