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By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
[Evt] 3 •Federation Council
You must command three [Fed] personnel to play this event. Plays on your Earth. Your [Fed] Anthropology personnel gain Acquisition. Your [Fed] Diplomacy personnel gain Law. Your [Fed] Security personnel gain Intelligence.
[Evt] 3 •The High Council
Plays on your Qo'noS. Each Chancellor, High Council Member, and Kahless you own gains Diplomacy. Each non-Chancellor, non-High Council Member, non-Kahless Klingon you command is attributes +1 for each Chancellor, High Council Member, and Kahless at your Qo'noS.
[Evt] 2 •Romulan Senate
Plays on your Romulus. Each Praetor and Senator you command gains Diplomacy.
Order - Stop your Praetor or Senator to draw a card.
[Evt] 2 •Unimatrix One
Plays on your Unicomplex. Each non-Dissident Borg you command gains Telepathy. The first Drone you play each turn is cost -1.

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