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By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
[Fed] 4 •Anthony Braxton, Temporally Psychotic
[Cmd] [AU] [Fut] Human
•Anthropology •Engineering •Intelligence •Physics •Security •Transporters •2 Treachery
Assassin. Infiltrator. When you play this personnel, you may download a [Fed] personnel and place it in your discard pile. When you reveal a Harbinger dilemma from your stack, it is cost -1.
"The only way for me, for us, to recover is to obliterate Voyager from the timeline. That way, none of the events that caused this illness will have occurred."
Integrity 2 Cunning 7 Strength 6
[Evt] 2 •Temporal Psychosis
Paranoia. Temporal. Plays in your core. Each Paranoia event you own gains Temporal. Each Temporal event you own gains Paranoia. Each personnel is attributes -1 while facing a dilemma you own that requires Transporters.
"Captain, I believe your future self is suffering from temporal psychosis."
[D] 5 Temporal Prime Directive
This dilemma is cost -1 for each [Fut] [Fed] personnel your opponent commands. Unless you have 2 Intelligence, 2 Transporters, and Cunning >36 or 2 Law, 2 Physics, and Integrity >36, your opponent chooses a personnel to be stopped, a [Pa] personnel to be killed, a [AU] personnel to be removed from the game, and a [Fut] personnel to be placed in their brig.
[D] 0 Unstable Time Loop
Your opponent returns this dilemma and up to two Harbinger dilemmas they own from beneath a different mission to their dilemma pile.

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