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Temporal Borg

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 3:46 am
by rferries
[Int] Temporal Transmitter
Temporal. To play this interrupt, you must command three [Bor] personnel or a Thief. Download a Temporal card, [Pa] card, or [Fut] card.
"You said you'd found a way to communicate with Seven in the past. How?"
[S] •Unicomplex, Bring Chaos To Order
[DQ] 50
2 Biology, 2 Programming, Science, and (a [Fut] personnel and Cunning>44 or 2 Leadership and Integrity >44)
Temporal. When you complete this mission, kill each captive and each personnel each player commands but does not own.
"You've infected us... with an neurolytic pathogen."
Span 2
[Bor] 12 •One, Lured By Perfection
[Cmd] [Fut] Borg
•Astrometrics •2 Engineer •2 Exobiology •Geology •Honour •Medical •Navigation •2 Physics •2 Programming •Science •Security •Transporters
Drone. When you play this personnel, he is cost -1 for each of your missions worth 50 or more points. When your turn begins, return this personnel to your hand unless you command three Drones.
"The Collective is calling to me."
Integrity 6 Cunning 10 Strength 10
[Bor] 8 •One, Advanced Drone
[Cmd] [Fut] [Voy] Borg
•Engineer •Medical •Navigation •2 Programming •Science •Security •Transporters
When you play this personnel you may download any number of equipment cards and then discard any number of cards. This personnel gains the text of each non-Artifact equipment in your discard pile.
"My technology is superior."
Integrity 6 Cunning 10 Strength 10
[Bor] 4 •Assimilated Transport, Regenerating Horror
[Stf] [Stf]
[Pa] Transport Class
Temporal. You may play [Pa] Borg aboard this ship. When you play Harvest Drone, it is cost -4. This ship is attributes +1 for each personnel you command but do not own.
"I think it's safe to assume these aliens reconfigured the engines using technology from their own ship."
Range 5 Weapons 4 Shields 4
[Bor] 7 •One's Borg Sphere, Adding Technological Distinctiveness
[Stf] [Stf] [Stf] [Stf]
When you play this ship, you may download a unique [Bor] personnel. While this ship is at a mission worth 50 or more points, you may play unique [Bor] personnel aboard this ship at cost -1.
"A Borg proximity signal has been detected. Origin, Unimatrix three two five, grid zero zero six. Alter course to intercept."
Range 9 Weapons 10 Shields 9
[Bor] 6 •Queen's Borg Sphere, Stopping First Contact
[Stf] [Stf] [Stf] [Stf]
Temporal. While you command a Temporal event in your core, you may use your card which begins combat at this mission even if it is at a headquarters mission.
Order - If this ship is staffed and at an opponent's headquarters mission, stop it to download a Temporal card. You may do this only once each turn.
"They're creating a temporal vortex."
Range 9 Weapons 10 Shields 9