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By PantsOfTheTalShiar (Jason Tang)
 - Delta Quadrant
I was thinking about what Duck Blind and Process Ore: Mining would look like if they were implemented as facilities, and came up with this. The underlined text is there just to replicate the functionality of the existing cards, and probably wouldn't be there if the cards were designed as facilities from the start.
:neutral: Duck Blind
Seeds or plays on your non-homeworld planet mission. May coexist with another facility. End of each turn, if your 2 Anthropology aboard, draw an extra card.
:neutral: STATION SHIELDS 16
:neutral: Mining Station
Seeds or plays on your non-homeworld [P] mission in any quadrant. Adds Geology to mission requirements. [DL] Mine
:neutral: STATION SHIELDS 16
[Obj] Mine
Plays on your Mining Station. Start of each turn, your Geology personnel aboard unopposed may "process ore": discard one non- [Ref] card from hand, place bottom non- [Ref] card of discard pile in point area (worth 1 point), then draw one card (or two if 2 Geology aboard).
This reduces the amount of text on each card. For Duck Blind, the quadrant restriction and "Immune to Kevin Uxbridge" come included with the facility card type. For Mining, the fact that it's a non- [Bor] facility means that it automatically can't be used by the Borg affiliation, nor can it exist at the same location as another one of your facilities. Your opponent can now interact with the engines via ship battle. They can still interact via personnel battle because players are allowed to "use" their opponent's stations, though I think that rule is odd and should only apply to Nors.

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