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By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
New Game Term: "Assimilate"
"Assimilate(d)" is a text-saving mechanic (a la "download") rather than a keyword. When a player assimilates a card, they take command of it. Unless otherwise specified an assimilated card's location does not change.

When a player assimilates a personnel or ship, it becomes an affiliation matching one of their headquarters missions (if they command multiple headquarters, they pick one of the eligible affiliations).

When a player assimilates an event, it is moved it to their core.

[Int] Unrelenting
When your opponent plays an interrupt, place your assimilated personnel that they own on their ship to prevent that interrupt. They assimilate that personnel.
Order - Assimilate an opponent's personnel present with your assimilated personnel that he or she owns.
Errata'd Cards
The text of these cards is edited to refer to assimilating/assimilated cards, as appropriate.

The Borg-themed cards might also gain an "Assimilation" keyword, as appropriate.

Bio-neural Computer Core
Compromised Tactics
Dangerous Standoff
Not Quite Domesticated Pets
Space Seed

Self-Sealing Stem Bolts

Adapted to Service Us
Adding to Our Perfection
•Base Commerce
Biological Distinctiveness
Borg Cutting Beam
Changed History
•Display of Wealth
•Hidden Strings
•Ill-gotten Gains
Imperfect Replacement
•One With the Borg
Organized Crime
Scum and Villainy
•Shocking Revelation
Targeted for Assimilation
•The Perfect Tool
The Will of the Collective

Bait and Switch
Condition Captive
Exchange Program
Knowledge and Experience
Target of Opportunity

•Assimilate Starship
•Grid 532, Assimilate Species 10026
•Wolf 359, Assimilate Resistance

Acclimation Drone
•Bashir Founder, Imperturbable Infiltrator
•Berlinghoff Rasmussen, Temporal "Historian"
•Borg Queen, Perfectionist
•Gegis, Exploitative Profiteer
Harvest Drone
•Icheb, Genetic Weapon
•Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant
•Kruge, Instinctive Commander
•Letant, Sneering Liaison
•Lovok Founder, Effective Changeling
•Rota Sevrin, Deranged Doctor
•T'Jon, Felicium Addict

•Assimilated Transport
•U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Royal Refuge

Commodities technically should use the assimilation phrasing but for flavour reasons might be left unchanged.

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