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By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
[NA] 5 •Jovis, Hoard
Zibalian Class
While this ship's corresponding commander is aboard, you may play Artifacts as though you commanded a completed mission requiring Acquisition.
Order - Stop your Acquisition personnel aboard this ship to download a Crime card, Display of Wealth, or Fajo's Menagerie.
"Kivas Fajo… a noted collector of rare and valuable objects, including the Rejac Crystal, The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, the Lawmin Galactopedia, the Moliam Andi tapestries…"
Range 6 Weapons 5 Shields 5
[NA] 3 •Kivas Fajo, Wealthy
[Cmd] Zibalian
•2 Acquisition •2 Archaeology •2 Treachery
Commander: Jovis. Thief. You may meet Law requirements using Acquisition.
Order - Place your captive or an Artifact you command on your Display of Wealth.
"It took… great effort, effort… to bring you …here."
Integrity 2 Cunning 6 Strength 5
[Evt] 1 •Temporal Observatory
Holoprogram. Plays in your core. While there are three or more cards on this event, each of your Holograms gains [Fut] .
"I know this must seem a little overwhelming."
"Overwhelming… doesn't quite cover it."

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