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Vote for the Winner of October's Challenge "Inspector Gadget"

Orb Ark
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Henry Starling, "Father" of the Computer Revolution
Star Chart
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Astrometrics Laboratory
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Remarkable Discovery
Peanut Hamper
Bajor, Return Orbs
Scrapar, Kazon Tinkerer
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By Pazuzu
 - Delta Quadrant
Welcome to the seventh season of the monthly Thematic Challenges! For those who are new to this, this challenge was started in 2011 by MattgomeryScott and was rebooted by me in 2019. Every month I will announce a topic or theme and everyone may create a dream card during that month and post it in the month's thread. Voting will be done during the next month. Everyone is invited to join and we appreciate every single submission. At the end of the year, there will be a little bit more demanding challenge and we will announce the overall winner of the season.

This season I would like to give polls a try to vote for the entries. I hope we will get some more votes and overall participation as everyone is welcome to vote for one of previous month's entries.

And as always, feel free to contact me as I am always looking for feedback and ways to improve this.

December's challenge will be a special one and will count double for the determination of the overall winner. I will announce the Theme for December on Novemeber 15th to give you a headstart. Since we want a winner on New Year's Eve the challenge will only run until Christmas and then we will have a week of dedicaded votings.

These are the entries from last month's challenge.
  1. [Equ] (0) Orb Ark
    When your personnel present begin a mission attempt or are facing a dilemma, you may destroy this equipment to download an Orb. If you can play Artifacts you may place that Orb at this mission.
    The Orbs were contained inside ornate, jeweled Orb arks tended by monks, safeguarded inside monasteries and shrines. A force field also protected the Orb inside its vessel.
  2. [NA] (3) •Henry Starling, "Father" of the Computer Revolution
    Human [Stf] [Pa]
    [SD] Acquisition [SD] Engineer [SD] Programming [SD] Science [SD] Treachery
    Commander: Aeon. Thief. When you play this personnel, you may discard a ship from hand to download any number of equipment cards with total cost equal to or less than the cost of the discarded ship.
    "Without me there would be no laptops, no internet..."
    Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 5
  3. [Equ] Star Chart
    Star charts compile all information on astronomical phenomena available to a civilization. They mark dangers to space travel and show where no one has gone before. Hic sunt dragones.
    Per every of your Stellar Cartography skill once per game download and play for free one card with spaceline in lore (or insert under any mission if dilemma) where present. Not duplicable.
  4. [Equ] Astrometrics Laboratory
    Specialized science laboratory found on almost all starships. Can vary between small compartments on freighters to huge installments aboard space stations to observe and analyse the vast unknown regions of the universe.
    Reports for free to your SCIENCE personnel. Cannot be moved. While on your ship or at a facility, it adds Stellar Cartography x2 to its special abilities and you may score 5 points whenever it helps to solve a mission. (Not cumulative.)
  5. [Evt] (1) Remarkable Discovery
    Reveal cards from the top of your deck equal to the number of mission you command that require Acquisition, Anthropology, or Archaeology. You my play any non-hand weapon artifacts. Then place the remaining cards on the bottom of your deck. Destroy this event.
    "I am currently on an expedition. A journey into an unexplored and historical territory, and I intend to take you with me."
  6. [Fed] Peanut Hamper
    One of the first Exocomps to enlist in Starfleet. Possess a keen survival instinct. Has a strained relationship with her father.
    [SD] Biology [SD] Exobiology
    [SD] May avoid any selection.
    Integrity 5 Cunning 8 Strength 1
  7. [P] Bajor, Return Orbs
    [AQ] [50pts]
    2 Anthropology, 2 Archeology, 3 Honor, and Integrity >38
    Region: Bajor. If this mission is completed and you command a completed Space mission and 5 Artifacts (or 3 Orbs) you win the game.
    "It is quite simply, Commander, the journey you have always been destined to take."
    [Baj] [Fed] [NA]
    <Span 2>
  8. [Kaz] (3) •Scrapar, Kazon Tinkerer
    Kazon-Nistrim [Stf]
    [SD] Engineer [SD] Programming [SD] Physics [SD] Science
    While this personnel is facing a dilemma, you may discard an equipment card from hand to choose an equipment card in any player's discard pile. This personnel gains one level of every skill in that card's gametext. This effect lasts until the end of this dilemma. You may do this only once each turn.
    Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 5

    These are the winners from last month's challenge.
    1. Archer's Philosophy (3)
    2. Macrocircuitry (2)
    3. Auxiliary Power to Weapons (1)
      Romulan Mentality (1)
      Tough Little Ship (1)
      "Rumpelstiltskin", Alien Explorer (1)

    This is the overall scoreboard of this season.
    1. Armus 15 (+2)
    2. Danny 14 (+3)
    3. MattgomeryScott 9 (+1)
    4. Naetor 9 (+1)
    5. Pazuzu 8
    6. HoodieDM 8
    7. WeyounsLastClone 7 (+1)
    8. rferries 6
    9. Cartagia 5 (+1)
    10. winterflames 2
    11. Blueshift 2

    All kinds of sealed Boosters, buttons and promo foil cards from my collection. The specific distribution will be announced later this year.

    January 2020: The Greatest Minds
    February 2020: Armada
    March 2020: Lady Crush
    April 2020: DIY
    May 2020: Talk Like Yoda
    June 2020: Artificial Intelligence
    July 2020: Roll for initiative!
    August 2020: I Smell Bacon
    September 2020: Size Matters Not
    October 2020: Inspector Gadget

    Thematic Challenge VII 11: Forgotten Episode, Take 1

    Since the introduction of "Where is that image from?" it is easy to check what episode does not have any card yet. So, we will start giving them cards now starting with the TOS episode "Miri".
    Create a Star Trek CCG card based on the TOS episode "Miri".

    DEADLINE 30th November 2020

    Sneak peak for December's challenge: A new player entered the game.
By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
Hmm... I see why they've avoided using this episode for inspiration.
[P] 3 Life Prolongation Project
Unless you have 3 Medical or Biology, Science, and Cunning >40, place this dilemma on this mission. Personnel on this planet are attributes -1. Your opponents subtract one from each Consume on dilemmas they own.
"Life prolongation. Didn't have much luck, did they?"
By Blueshift
 - Alpha Quadrant
[1E-P] Quarantine

„I am a carrier. Whatever happens, I can’t go back to the ship…and I do want to go back to the ship, Captain.“

Mission attempt continues but away team is quarantined (stopped) for one full turn after mission attempt ends (even if successful)
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By Danny (Daniel Giddings)
 - Gamma Quadrant
2E European Continental Quarter-Finalist 2019
2E British National Second Runner-Up 2019
[Fed] (1) •John Farrell, Diligent Comms Officer
[Stf] [TOS] [Pa]
[SD] Anthropology [SD] Navigation [SD] Officer
You may play this personnel at cost +1 to name a skill and choose a [TOS] personnel present. That personnel gains that skill until the end of the turn.
"Here are those figures you asked for."
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By Pazuzu
 - Delta Quadrant
This episode is really tough, but here is my try. Maybe this would open some new discard pile strategies.
[Int] A Woman's Jealousy
When Miri saw Captain Kirk comforting Janice Rand when she broke down due to her infection, she became jelous and capture her with the help of the other Onlies.
Plays just after one of your female personnel was just randomly selected. Replace that personnel with another female personnel in your hand; this is now the selected personnel.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
Community Contributor
1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020

Race Against Time
After being infected by the age prolongation virus, the Enterprise away team had only a few days to find a cure.

Place on planet; quarantined. End of every player's turn, kills lowest strength non-Youth personnel present. Cure with 3 Biology, 3 Medical, and (3 Computer Skill OR Classic Communicator)
 - Delta Quadrant
Community Contributor
I didn't actually find it so hard, for First Edition anyway. Plenty of Youth personnel possible. :D But I've been wanting to give the 23rd Century missions a go, so lets try this.

My Entry:

[P] Educate Minors

Miri's Planet: Teach local children on duplicate Earth first encountered in 23rd Century.

Exobiology + SCIENCE + Diplomacy + (a Teacher OR Miri OR SECURITY x2.)

Teachers and [OS] Youth may report on planet.

[Fed] [NA] [Vul] [35] (Alpha)

Span 3


McCoy said they should bring some truancy officers (SECURITY,) but I figure a good teacher or a local who speaks their language works too. :shifty:

Bonus Card:

[NA] Miri (Star Trek: TOS)


Only young woman who developed a crush on Captain
Kirk in 2266. Became jealous of Yeoman Rand. Miri's
planet was named for her. Older than she looks.

[SD] Youth [SD] Biology [SD] Navigation
Your [OS] Youth here are Attributes all +1.

Integrity: 5, Cunning: 6, Strength: 4

All the Best,

Mattgomery Scott.

I won 100:5 FW. Thanks for the game

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