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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
Up next on Bookworm's Dream cards: David Drake's RCN series! Starring Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy in epic space battles, political intrigue, and ever increasing evidence of pre-human interstellar activity.

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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
Come Adrift
During hard maneuvers, ships can become damaged while avoiding destruction.
Opponent may [Flip] , else discard a personnel, [Equ] , or [1E-Evt] aboard. Ship stopped unless 3 OFFICER OR 3 Engineer OR 2 riggers aboard. Nullify with Space Boomer or Miracle Worker (discard nullifier).

[1E-Evt] EVENT
Improvisational Tailoring
Sometimes a wardrobe change is all you need to infiltrate the enemy.
Plays on your OFFICER, any Intelligence personnel, or Infiltrator (for free if your tailor, seamstress, or snappy dresser present). While at a [1E-P] mission, this personnel gains infiltration icons for each affiliation icon on that mission.

Riggers and officers use hardsuits on the hull to avoid losing limbs or lives when interacting with the ship's rigging.
Rigger and OFFICER use only. Once per turn, your personnel targeted by a [Tac] or [1E-S] dilemma to be killed is stopped instead.

Equipment installed on ships and outposts. Replaces the need for trained medical professionals on every tramp freighter and fighting vessel across the known galaxy.
Plays on your ship or facility. Adds MEDICAL, Exobiology, or Biology to each of your OFFICER and Computer Skill aboard (may reselect at the beginning of each turn).
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
Fund Coup
[1E-P] Cinnabar Fund opposition party coup on Cinnabar Homeworld.
(Acquisition OR Greed) + Diplomacy x2 + (Strength >38 OR Cunning >45)
Any non-[Cin] away team may attempt.
Span 3. [40 Pts]
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
[Cin] Daniel Leary
"Political Appointment"
[Stf] Officer
Lt. Leary was attached to the diplomatic mission to Kostroma. His admiral believed he was a useless political appointment due to his father's position.
[SD] Navigation [SD] Honor [SD] Leadership
[SD] While aboard a ship with only one staffing requirement, loses [Stf] and gains [Cmd].
Integrity 7 Cunning 5 Strength 6

[NA] [Cin] [AFS] Adele Mundy
Electoral Librarian
Cinnabar native living in exile among the Alliance of Free Stars. Appointed Electoral Librarian by the newest Elector of Kostroma, Walter III. Narrowly survived a counter-coup which handed Kostroma to the Alliance. Excellent Marksman.
[SD] Computer Skill [SD] Intelligence [DL] Light Pistol
[DL] Library Record Tape (extends use to her affiliation here.)
Integrity 5 Cunning 7 Strength 4

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