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The Xindi Affiliation
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The Choristers
The Adventures of Captain Proton
The Xindi Faction
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Strange Civilizations
The Space Hippies
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By Pazuzu
 - Delta Quadrant
Welcome to the seventh season of the monthly Thematic Challenges! For those who are new to this, this challenge was started in 2011 by MattgomeryScott and was rebooted by me in 2019. Every month I will announce a topic or theme and everyone may create a dream card during that month and post it in the month's thread. Voting will be done during the next month. Everyone is invited to join and we appreciate every single submission. At the end of the year, there will be a little bit more demanding challenge and we will announce the overall winner of the season.

This season I would like to give polls a try to vote for the entries. I hope we will get some more votes and overall participation as everyone is welcome to vote for one of previous month's entries.

And as always, feel free to contact me as I am always looking for feedback and ways to improve this.

This is only the voting for December's challenge and therefore determine the overall winner of the year. Please remember that this challenge counts double. A new season will then start in January again.

These are the entries from last month's challenge.
  1. The Xindi Affiliation
    [Evt] (0) •Xindi Avian Skull
    Artifact. (To play this card, you must have completed a mission requiring Acquisition, Anthropology, or Archaeology.) Avian. Plays in your core. Each Xindi Council Member you command is Integrity+1 and gains Archaeology.
    "My grandfather lived there. He told me of places where the sky was sometimes filled with Avians."
    [H] •Xindus, Doomed Homeworld
    You may play [Xin] cards, [NA] cards, and equipment at this mission.
    Region: Delphic Expanse. While you command another headquarters mission your [Xin] personnel are attributes -1. While you command no other headquarters mission, you may play [Xin] ships at cost -1 for each of the following keywords you command: Aquatic, Arboreal, Avian, Insectoid, Primate, and Reptilian.
    Xindus: "As well as being unstable politically, our planet was even more unstable geologically."
    Xindi Headquarters
    Span 2
    [P] •Azati Prime, Build Xindi Weapon
    [AQ] 50
    2 Engineer, 2 Intelligence, Physics, Security, and Cunning>48
    Region: Delphic Expanse.
    Order - If this mission is complete and you command an Aquatic, Arboreal, Avian, Insectoid, Primate, and Reptilian, flip this mission.
    "You'll never get close to the weapon! Our defense perimeter will destroy you!"
    Span 3
    [S] •Xindi Weapon, Destroy Earth
    [AQ] 50
    Astrometrics, Leadership, 2 Navigation, 2 Security, and Strength>48
    Region: Sector 001. You may begin engagements involving your [Xin] ships at your opponents' headquarters missions. Whenever you win an engagement at an opponent's headquarters mission, that opponent discards a card and the top card of their deck.
    "Open the vortex… Set a course for Earth!"
    Span 3
    [Xin] (3) •Degra, Xindi Weapon Designer
    [Cmd] [Pa] Xindi
    [SD] Anthropology [SD] Astrometrics [SD] Engineering [SD] Physics
    Primate. Xindi Council Member. While this personnel is facing a dilemma, you may discard a non-Primate [Xin] personnel from hand to name a skill. Each Xindi present gains the named skill until the end of that dilemma.
    "When it arrived in your star system, I watched the incoming telemetry with the other members of the council. Seven million lives… were extinguished in front of my eyes. I asked myself how many of those were children?"
    Integrity 6 Cunning 7 Strength 4
    [Xin] (3) •Dolim, Xindi Military Leader
    [Cmd] [Pa] Xindi
    [SD] Leadership [SD] Navigation [SD] Officer [SD] Security [SD] Treachery
    Reptilian. Xindi Council Member. While this personnel is facing a dilemma or in combat, you may discard a non-Reptilian [Xin] personnel from hand to make each Xindi present Strength +1 for the rest of that dilemma or combat.
    "Patience is for the dead."
    Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 7
    [Xin] (1) Insectoid Councillor
    [Cmd] [Pa] Xindi
    [SD] Exobiology [SD] Programming [SD] Transporters
    Insectoid. Xindi Council Member. While this personnel is attempting a mission, you may discard a non-Insectoid [Xin] personnel from hand to make each Xindi present Cunning +1 for the rest of that mission attempt.
    "It was more than good fortune. The Human claims the Guardians control the Spheres."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 5 Strength 5
    [Xin] (3) •Jannar, Arboreal Scientist
    [Cmd] [Pa] Xindi
    [SD] Biology [SD] Geology [SD] Honour [SD] Medical [SD] Science
    Arboreal. Xindi Council Member. While this personnel is attempting a mission, you may discard a non-Arboreal [Xin] personnel from hand to make each Xindi present Integrity +1 for the rest of that mission attempt.
    "What we do is for... our children's future. Remember that."
    Integrity 7 Cunning 6 Strength 4
    [Xin] (3) •Kiaphet Amman'sor, Ibix Dynasty Leader
    [Cmd] [Pa] Xindi
    [SD] Diplomacy [SD] 2 Law [SD] Honour [SD] Leadership
    Aquatic. Xindi Council Member. When you begin a mission attempt involving this personnel, you may discard a non-Aquatic [Xin] personnel from hand to name a skill. Each Xindi present gains the named skill for the rest of the mission attempt.
    "We won't submit to intimidation."
    Integrity 7 Cunning 7 Strength 1
  2. Tell Sanctuary District Stories
    [Obj] Tell Sanctuary District Stories
    Seeds on Earth; you may download Gabriel Bell. Your [NA] personnel may attempt Earth using these requirements:
    Leadership + Honor + Integrity > 35
    When solved, each turn you may reveal a non-Treachery [NA] personnel from hand to tell their story. Score points equal to their Integrity. (Once per persona.)
    [NA] Gabriel Bell
    Protected hostages during the 2024 Bell Riots in the San Francisco Sanctuary District. Gained access to the governant network and allowed hundreds to tell their story. Killed by a SWAT team. Close resemblance to Benjamin Sisko.
    [SD] Leadership [SD] Honor [SD] Diplomacy [SD] Computer Skill
    Integrity 8 Cunning 8 Strength 8
    [NA] Biddle Coleridge
    Took hostages in the San Francisco Sanctuary District processing center during the Bell Riots in 2024 2024. Simply called BC. Ghost streetgang leader with violent tendencies. Idolized Errol Flynn. Thief.
    [SD] Leadership [SD] Honor OR Treachery
    [DL] Remington Model 870 Shotgun
    Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 8
    [NA] Michael Webb
    Help Gabriel Bell to protect the hostages during the San Francisco Sanctuary District Bell Riots in 2024. Former plant manager for ChemTech Industries. Civil rights advocate. Father of Danny and Jeannie.
    [SD] ENGINEER [SD] Honor [SD] Law [SD] Diplomacy
    [SD] Score double points when revealed to tell his story.
    Integrity 8 Cunning 7 Strength 4
    [Equ] Remington Model 870 Shotgun
    Handgun often used by law enforcement in the 20th and 21st century on Earth. Standard issue for the San Francisco Police Department. Equipped with a folding stock.
    Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +2. Twice per game, your 20th or 21st century [1E-AU] personnel present may nullify a dilemma requiring SECURITY where present. Lose all points scored from Tell Sanctuary District Stories when used. (Not Cumulative.)
  3. The Choristers
    [NA] (4) •Riva, Conductor
    [SD] 2 Diplomacy [SD] Honor
    This personnel is cost -1 for each Chorister personnel you command. When you play this personnel, you may download up to three Chorister personnel. This personnel is attributes +1 for each Chorister personnel present.
    "My Chorus is so attuned, they can hear my thoughts and translate to you."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 5 Strength 4
    [NA] (1) •The Scholar, The Dreamer
    [SD] Telepathy
    Chorister. Your Riva present gains Law, Science, and "When this present uses a skill, you may draw a card".
    "I represent the intellect, and speak in matters of judgement, philosophy, logic."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 5
    [NA] (1) •The Passion, The Libido
    [SD] Telepathy
    Chorister. Your Riva present gains Anthropology, Security and cannot be stopped by dilemmas.
    "I am the anarchy of lust, the romantic and the lover. I am also the warrior, the perfect line which never wavers."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 5 Strength 6
    [NA] (2) •Harmony, Wisdom and Balance
    [SD] Telepathy
    Chorister. While this personnel or your Chorister personnel present is facing a dilemma, you may discard a card from hand to have that personnel gain a skill from your Riva present until the end of the dilemma.
    "I am that which binds all the others together."
    Integrity 6 Cunning 5 Strength 4
    [Fed] (4) •Data, A Fine Machine
    [Cmd] [TNG]
    [SD] Astrometrics [SD] Engineer [SD] Exobiology [SD] Officer [SD] Programming
    While this personnel is present with your Riva, if you command no other Chorister personnel, he gains Chorister and Anthropology.
    "...but he cannot take the place of my chorus."
    Integrity 6 Cunning 10 Strength 10
    [P] •Solais V, Reconcile Planetary Conflict
    [AQ] (30)
    Integrity>30 and (2 Diplomacy and 2 Honor or Riva)
    When your Chorister personnel attempting this mission is killed by a dilemma, you may download Disadvantage into Advantage and place it in your core.
    "They wanted the best. That, according to all reports, is Riva."
    [Fed] [NA]
    Span 2
    [Int] Personal Briefing
    While your Riva is facing a dilemma, you may exclude any number of your Chorister personnel present from random selections until the end of that dilemma.
    "Perhaps...Counsellor Troi could escort me."
    "This way."
    "What about you?"
    "At times like this, we become an encumbrance."
  4. The Adventures of Captain Proton
    [Evt] (1) •The Adventures of Captain Proton
    Holoprogram. Plays in your core. When you play an event, you may discard a card from this event to make that event cost -1.
    Order- When there are three or more cards on this event, remove them from the game to destroy an event for each card removed.
    "Chapter Eighteen: Bride of Chaotica!"
    [NA] (2) •Tom Paris, Captain Proton
    Human [Cmd]
    [SD] Leadership [SD] Navigation [SD] Security
    This personnel is attributes +1 for each event you command more than your opponent.
    "Welcome to Planet X."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 5 Strength 6
    [NA] (1) •Harry Kim, Buster Kincaid
    Human [Stf]
    [SD] Honor [SD] Navigation
    When an event in your core is destroyed, you may return this personnel to hand to take that event in to hand instead (or place it in your core again if he was present with Tom Paris).
    "What's the plan?"
    Integrity 6 Cunning 5 Strength 5
    [NA] (4) •Kathryn Janeway, Queen Arachnia
    Human [Cmd]
    [SD] Anthropology [SD] 2 Diplomacy [SD] Honor [SD] 2 Leadership [SD] Treachery
    When you play this personnel, you may reveal the top 2 cards of each player's deck. She is cost -1 for each Event revealed.
    "Oh, it looks like a formidable weapon."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 7 Strength 5
    [NA] (3) •Chaotica, Ruler of the Cosmos
    [SD] Anthropology [SD] Biology [SD] 2 Leadership [SD] 2 Treachery
    While you command no Events in your core (except Holoprograms), this personnel is attributes +2. While your opponent commands no Events in his or her core, this personnel cannot be stopped or killed by dilemma's.
    "Power the Death Ray."
    Integrity 2 Cunning 7 Strength 5
    [NA] (1) •Lonzak, Chaotica's Henchman
    Law [SD] Physics [SD] Security
    Order- Place this personnel on the bottom of his owner's deck. Each player must return an event in his or her core to hand.
    "Halt in the name of Chaotica!"
    Integrity 4 Cunning 4 Strength 6
    [NA] (1) Satan's Robot
    [SD] Programming [SD] Security
    At the start of your turn, if no opponent's Security is at this mission, you may remove this personnel from the game to destroy each non-Holoprogram Event in each player's core.
    Integrity 4 Cunning 5 Strength 7
    [S] (3) Photonic War
    Randomly select a personnel to be returned to his or her owner's hand. Your opponent may place a Hologram from hand on his or her Holoprogram to kill that personnel instead.
    "Your people and the people of Earth have a common enemy."
  5. The Xindi Faction
    [Evt] (3) •Parallel Evolution
    To play this event you must command 3 Xindi personnel. Plays in your core.
    Your Xindi personnel may attempt and complete your Region: Delphic Expanse missions.
    When your Xindi personnel is facing a dilemma, you may discard a Xindi personnel of a different species from hand to make him or her gain a skill from that discarded personnel until the end of this mission attempt.
    [S] •Near Enemy Homeworld, Launch Devastating Attack
    [AQ] [35 points]
    Astrometrics, Engineer, Programming, Security, Treachery and Cunning >40
    When you complete this mission, choose an opponent's headquarters mission. Randomly select a personnel at that mission to be killed for each different species of personnel who uses his or her skills to complete this mission.
    "Open the vortex… Set a course for Earth!"
    [Car] [Dom] [Kli] [NA] [Rom]
    Span 4
    [NA] (4) •Degra, Xindi Oppenheimer
    [Pa] Xindi-Primate [Cmd]
    [SD] Astrometrics [SD] Engineer [SD] Geology [SD] Leadership [SD] Physics [SD] Science
    Xindi. When this personnel uses a skill to complete a mission, you may destroy opponent's events with a total cost less than or equal to the number of Xindi personnel of a different species you command. You may do this only once each turn.
    “Deploy the weapon.”
    Integrity 4 Cunning 7 Strength 5
    [NA] (2) •Dolim, Xenophobic Commander
    [Pa] Xindi-Reptillian [Cmd]
    [SD] Leadership [SD] Navigation [SD] Officer [SD] Security [SD] 2 Treachery
    Commander: Xindi Warship. Xindi.
    Order: If you command Xindi personnel of three different species, you may discard a card from hand to begin combat or an engagement involving this personnel. If you win, name a species. Randomly select an opponent's personnel of that species involved to be killed.
    “Your traitorous bloodline will end at the tip of my blade.”
    Integrity 1 Cunning 6 Strength 7
    [NA] (2) •Jannar, Thoughtful Councillor
    [Pa] Xindi-Arboreal [Stf]
    [SD] Anthropology [SD] Honour [SD] Law [SD] Programming [SD] Science
    Xindi. When you play this personnel you may download Parallel Evolution or a Xindi personnel.
    "What we do is for our children's future. Remember that."
    Integrity 6 Cunning 6 Strength 5
    [NA] (3) •Kiaphet Amman'sor, Councillor Of The Ibix Dynasty
    [Pa] Xindi-Aquatic [Cmd]
    [SD] Acquisition [SD] Diplomacy [SD] Engineer [SD] Leadership [SD] Physics
    Xindi.While you command Xindi personnel of three different species, the first non-Xindi personnel your opponent plays each turn is Cost +1.
    "It is easier to count the stars in the sky, than for an Aquatic to come to a decision."
    Integrity 5 Cunning 7 Strength 2
    [NA] (2) •Shresht, Belligerent Councillor
    [Pa] Xindi-Insectoid [Stf]
    [SD] Exobiology [SD] Security [SD] Treachery
    Xindi.When your event or interrupt with “species” in its gametext is about to be destroyed or prevented, if you command Xindi personnel of three different species, you may kill this personnel to prevent that.
    “We are acting on behalf of all Xindi.”
    Integrity 4 Cunning 5 Strength 5
    [NA] (4) •Rajiin, Xindi Operative
    [Pa] Oran'taku
    [SD] Biology [SD] Exobiology [SD] Intelligence [SD] Programming [SD] Telepathy [SD] Treachery
    Infiltrator. Xindi.
    Order: Name a species present with this personnel. When your opponent begins a mission attempt involving a personnel of that species, you may draw one extra dilemma and spend one extra in total cost on dilemmas for each Xindi personnel of a different species you command (limit 3.) This effect lasts until this order is executed again.
    "There's a reason I was taken from my home. I have certain gifts."
    Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 6
    [NA] (4) Xindi Warship
    [Stf] [Stf]
    [Pa] Xindus Class
    Xindi. To staff this ship you must have a Xindi personnel aboard. While you command three different Region: Delphic Expanse missions this ship is Range +2. This ship is Weapons +1 and Shields +1 for each Xindi personnel of a different species you command (limit +5.)
    "There are five distinct species of Xindi, and five distinct opinions on which one is dominant."
    Range 6 Shields 4 Weapons 4
  6. Voyager Recreation
    [Inc] Holoprogram: Voyager Recreation
    Seeds or plays on your ship or facility with a Holodeck. Your [Holo] cards with "U.S.S. Voyager" or "Jupiter Station" in lore may report aboard. At the beginning of your turn you may download one such personnel here, you may not play cards "for free" this turn. While two such personnel with Projection in title or lore (or Reginald Barclay) aboard, you may draw one extra card at end of turn, then discard a card.
    [Fed] Barclay Projection
    [Stf] [Holo] ENGINEER [1E-DQ]
    Holographic Projection of Reginald Barclay from Jupiter Station in a faulty holoprogram aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. Somewhat panicky.
    [SD] Computer Skill [SD] Anthropology
    Integrity 3 Cunning 5 Strength 3
    [Fed] Kes Zimmerman
    [Holo] CIVILIAN [1E-DQ]
    Holographic Projection of Kes from Jupiter Station in a faulty holoprogram. Wife of Doctor Zimmerman.
    [SD] Biology [SD] MEDICAL
    Integrity 6 Cunning 6 Strength 4
    [Fed] Chakotey Projection
    [Cmd] [Holo] OFFICER [1E-DQ]
    Holographic Projection of Chakotey from U.S.S. Voyager's Engineering. Talked the Doctor out of destroying the holographic Voyager.
    [SD] Honor x2 [SD] Leadership
    Integrity 8 Cunning 6 Strength 7
  7. Strange Civilizations
    [Inc] Encounter: Gorn Hegemony
    [HA] Countdown: 3
    Seed or play on table. If opponent destroyed your outpost both players randomly select one personell with leadership. If your Cunning > opponent‘s strength, [Fed] attack restrictions apply for all players.
    [Inc] Encounter: Talarian Republic
    [HA] Countdown: 3
    Seed or play on table. If number of opponent’s ships in play > your ships in play, opponent must probe when initiating battle.
    [Bor] [1E-Rom] [Kli] Booby Trap: Attacking Ship is damaged. Attack stopped.
    Any other card: Attack proceeds normally.
    [Inc] Encounter: Sheliak Directorate
    [HA] Countdown: 3
    Seed or play on table. Opponent’s first mission attempt adds x Law to mission requirements. X = 1+your Law present. The Sheliak adds [1E-S]
    [DL] Sheliak Director for free to any location.
    [NA] Sheliak Director
    [Cmd] OFFICER
    A typical Sheliak leader, the Director insists on legal process to deal with the irrational behavior of inferior civilizations such as the Federation.
    [SD] Law x 3 [SD] May command The Sheliak dilemma as if ship (card text suspended)
    Integrity 7 Cunning 7 Strength 6
    [Inc] Encounter: Children of Tama
    Seed or play on table. Points only count towards winning if each player has built shared mythological reference (=completed at least one mission).
    [Inc] Encounter: Tholian Assembly
    Every time opponent downloads ship you may [DL] Tholian Web.
    [1E-Int] Tholian Web
    The Tholian Web was an energy net deployed by Tholian starships to immobilize enemy vessels.
    Play on any ship. Ship is stopped for one turn. (Cannot be nullified.)
  8. The Space Hippies
    [Fed] Dr. Sevrin
    [Cmd] [OS] [V.I.P.]
    Tiburonian research engineer renowned in the fields of acoustics, electronics, and communications. He started the philosophical movement One. Currently searching for the mythical planet Eden.
    [SD] ENGINEER [SD] Physics x2 [SD] Music
    [SD] Treachery x2 [DL] The Way to Eden
    Integrity 2 Cunning 10 Strength 6
    [NA] Tongo Rad
    [Stf] [OS] [CIVILIAN]
    Son of the Catullan Ambassador to the Federation. Followed Dr. Sevrin in his search for Eden.
    [SD] Astrophysics [SD] Biology [SD] SCIENCE
    [SD] V.I.P. (if opponent is playing [Fed] )
    [DL] Open Diplomatic Relations
    Integrity 5 Cunning 9 Strength 7
    [Fed] Adam
    [Stf] [OS] [CIVILIAN]
    Highly talented musician that followed Dr. Sevrin in his search for Eden. He reaches.
    [SD] Music x2 [SD] Computer Skill
    [SD] Biology [DL] Commandeer Ship
    [SD] May use Music in place of Diplomacy
    Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 8
    [Fed] Irina Galliulin
    [Stf] [OS] SCIENCE
    Former cadet who dropped out of Starfleet Academy to follow Dr. Sevrin in his search for Eden. She was once romantically involved with Ensign Chekov.
    [SD] Biology [SD] Exobiology [SD] Music
    [SD] Treachery [SD] If present with Ensign Chekov, both are attributes +2
    Integrity 3 Cunning 7 Strength 5
    Botanical Survey
    Neutral Zone Region • Eden Study corrosive flora first identified in the 23rd Century.
    Biology x2 + SCIENCE + Physics [35]
    No [Fed] Facilities allowed here.
    [Fed] [1E-Rom]
    Span 4
    [Obj] The Way to Eden
    Seeds or plays on table, then place on Eden. [Fed] ships you own may not stop here (but may "fly by"). Your Hidden Fighter is canceled. Your Commandeer Ship gains [Countdown 3] and does not require an empty ship if 3 Music present with your Computer Skill personnel aboard. When your Dr. Sevrin (or personnel who names him in lore) helps solve this mission, kill all such personnel in solving away team and score points (doubled if a [Fed] ship you control is in orbit here). [15]
These are the winners from last month's challenge "Forgotten Episode, Take 1"
  1. Youth in Revolt (3)
  2. John Farrell, Diligent Comms Officer (2)
  3. Quarantine (1)
    Race Against Time (1)
    Educate Minors (1)
    Earth Two, Rebuild Civilization (1)

This is the overall scoreboard of this season.
  1. Danny 20 (+2)
  2. Armus 16 (+1)
  3. MattgomeryScott 11 (+1)
  4. Naetor 10
  5. WeyounsLastClone 9 (+1)
  6. Pazuzu 8
  7. HoodieDM 8
  8. rferries 6
  9. Cartagia 6
  10. Blueshift 3 (+1)
  11. EdwardLarkin 3 (+3) New!
  12. winterflames 2

All kinds of sealed Boosters, buttons and promo foil cards from my collection. The specific distribution will be announced later this year.

January 2020: The Greatest Minds
February 2020: Armada
March 2020: Lady Crush
April 2020: DIY
May 2020: Talk Like Yoda
June 2020: Artificial Intelligence
July 2020: Roll for initiative!
August 2020: I Smell Bacon
September 2020: Size Matters Not
October 2020: Inspector Gadget
November 2020: Forgotten Episode, Take 1
December 2020: Three's company
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 - Delta Quadrant
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So I apparently forgot to include staffing icons on most of my entry (The Xindi Faction,) so here's the post release errata.

Degra and Kiaphet Amman'sor should have [Cmd], while Jannar and Shresht should have [Stf] . Rajiin doesn't have either.

I also just want to take the opportunity to thank Pazuzu for taking up the mantel of Thematic and continuing the series into the new year and what will be his third season at the helm. I couldn't have asked for a better successor, and look forward to many more challenges in the new year.

Merry Christmas to you all, and here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year! :D

All the Best,

Mattgomery Scott.

Opening ceremonies underway.

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