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By Pazuzu
 - Delta Quadrant
Welcome to the seventh season of the monthly Thematic Challenges! For those who are new to this, this challenge was started in 2011 by MattgomeryScott and was rebooted by me in 2019. Every month I will announce a topic or theme and everyone may create a dream card during that month and post it in the month's thread. Voting will be done during the next month. Everyone is invited to join and we appreciate every single submission. At the end of the year, there will be a little bit more demanding challenge and we will announce the overall winner of the season.

These are the winners from last month's challenge "Three's comany"
  1. Space Hippies (3)
  2. The Choristers (1)
    The Adventures of Captain Proton (1)
    Strange Civilizations (1)

This is the overall scoreboard of this season.
  1. Danny 22 (+2)
  2. Armus 22 (+6)
  3. MattgomeryScott 11
  4. WeyounsLastClone 11 (+2)
  5. Naetor 10
  6. Pazuzu 8
  7. HoodieDM 8
  8. rferries 6
  9. Cartagia 6
  10. Blueshift 5 (+2)
  11. EdwardLarkin 3
  12. winterflames 2
That means that Danny and Armus are tied for first place, and MattgomeryScott and WeyounsLastClone are also tied for runner-up. Congratulations! And a lot of thanks to all participants! We really saw a great number of awesome cards! Also, I would like to thank all newcomers in this season and I hope I will see you next season again.

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June 2020: Artificial Intelligence
July 2020: Roll for initiative!
August 2020: I Smell Bacon
September 2020: Size Matters Not
October 2020: Inspector Gadget
November 2020: Forgotten Episode, Take 1
December 2020: Three's company
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By Danny (Daniel Giddings)
 - Gamma Quadrant
2E European Continental Quarter-Finalist 2019
2E British National Second Runner-Up 2019
WeyounsLastClone wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:54 pmPazuzu, thanks for hosting! I really appreciate your dedication and inspiration in getting these contests to us every month.
Seconded. It's been a brilliantly run contest, and am looking forward to participating in 2021 :thumbsup:

Happy birthday to @leonardmccoy !

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