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Hey all

Commandeur's article was interesting to many of the members frequenting this board, and it got me thinking about the many World Championship Decks that went before it.

I'd love to know what people's decks were like before the CC, OTF, etc. - especially before Voyager was released! Does anyone have any lists from the past?

I know Frakkin and Tomek are still around, so perhaps they can recall the decks they previously used at worlds and why they chose to play them (meta-game issues)?

Subforum: 1E History? :P

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Grand Nagus
Although I've never been to Worlds in the US, I remember Mike Harrington (or was it Eric Johnfauno?) winning Worlds 1998 (1999?) with a Romulan/Android PNZ deck against Brian Sykes Jemmie/Beware of Q/Birthing Chamber Deck.
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Caretaker's Guest wrote:Although I've never been to Worlds in the US, I remember Mike Harrington (or was it Eric Johnfauno?) winning Worlds 1998 (1999?) with a Romulan/Android PNZ deck against Brian Sykes Jemmie/Beware of Q/Birthing Chamber Deck.
Cool. Any idea if listings of those decks have survived?

You never went to the US to have a crack at the $10,000? That surprises me Seb!
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Summary of Winning Decks 1998-2002:

Bill Chien 98: Bajoran Q-Bypass
Mike Harrington 99: Romulan Armada with Wormholes
Eric Johnfauno 00: Romulan Android PNZ with Senior Staff Meeting
(Ian Vincent 01): DQSS Supernova
F 02: DQSS Hexany/Ref Provocation
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By Wambundu (Jason Drake)
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MilesStuntDouble wrote:Summary of Winning Decks...
Dave Bowling 1997: Klingon space-solver with Cryosatellite
nuttersuclan wrote:Cool. Any idea if listings of those decks have survived?
I can construct parts of several 1st- and 2nd-place decks from memory (Bowling '97, both of Todd Soper's '97 decks, Soper's 2nd-place '98 deck, Harrington '99, and Sykes 2nd-place '00). By 'parts' I generally mean verb proportions, key strategy cards, and tactical notes. Personnel would largely be guesswork, and I wouldn't have a clue about dilemmas.
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At your service:

1997 Worlds: I've scanned an old Scrye article which include both Dave Bowling's winning decklist (Klingon space redshirt, back when you could attempt space missions from outposts and just discard anything that affected ships) and Todd Soper's runner-up deck (Romulan space redshirt based on Telek R'Mor). Top 12 standings are also included on the second page.
Page 1 (Decklists):
Page 2 (Strategy):

1998 Worlds: Once upon a time Decipher posted decklists for everyone. I managed to download them when they were still available, and have put them into ZIP files which you can find here. Particular highlights for me from Day 1 are Evan Lorentz's Borg Gamma swarm strategy (the first competitive Borg deck ever played; he used it to win GenCon that year IIRC), Ken Tufts' Black Hole deck (with no less than 7 Black Holes), Thomas Becker's stasis build (which, near the end of the game, would have an enormous hand of 40-50 cards which turned Masaka Transformations into a "draw anything you need" card), and, just for fun Sean Wiedemann's Wrath of Sito Jaxa. Day 2 was won by Bill Chien's Q-Bypass deck against Todd's Federation megacrew, designed by Ken Tufts (hence the deck name: Ken's Remodulation Infatuation). At one point Decipher posted a transcript from the final game, but I don't have that saved. Interesting trivia: Bill actually won the game because of a misplay... Todd's Roga Danar was killed by a Common Thief, a dilemma which can't target him. If Todd's Roga had stayed alive, he would have solved the mission on that attempt and won. For me, the Day 2 highlight was Jason Drake's Thought Fire/Kova Tholl+RBM/Diplomatic Conference megacrew mashup.

Unfortunately there are some mistakes in the decklists (e.g., Chris Stevenson's day 1-winning deck has its draw deck mixed up with another deck... his general strategy was to steal missions while protecting his own missions from theft, with Magic Carpet Ride/Qualor II and the like)
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 1 standings:
Day 2 standings:
Standings from the day 2 sealed deck consolation round: ... thru4.html

1999 Worlds: I've only uploaded Mike Harrington's winning Romulan battle deck for now. I have Dan Allman's runner-up AMS deck somewhere, let me look for it. (Incidentally, Dan's deck archetype was similar to the one he used to win GenCon that year, I think I have the top 8 decks from that saved too if anyone's interested in seeing them.) This was the one Worlds I played in. I've re-uploaded an old tournament report from back then, but you won't see any of the top strategies in my report -- I didn't playtest my deck and it was basically unwinnable. (Yeah, that was stupid. I was 17.)
Mike's winning deck: ... ngton.html
My report:

2000 Worlds: Decipher posted the top 12 decklists from this year, let me see what I can dig up.
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First Edition Art Manager
By jjh (Johnny Holeva)
 - First Edition Art Manager
Rachmaninoff wrote:At your service:...
Outstanding. Thank you for this.
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By Wambundu (Jason Drake)
 - Beta Quadrant
1997 metagame summary:
There are no [Ref] cards or magic bullets of any kind. Nearly all competitive decks use 6 space or 6 planet missions. Space is slighly more popular to avoid The Sheliak, and players are allowed to attempt space missions from their outpost (thus space-mission decks prefer to seed two outposts).

Most dilemma strategies involve the same few space/planet dilemmas that are effective against any opponent:
Outpost Raid
Shaka, When the Walls Fell
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease (with red-shirting, it was a good killer and unlikely to provide bonus points)
Empathic Echo (this was ruled, or at least played, as a wall requiring MEDICAL and SECURITY even without an Empathy trigger)
Cardassian Trap
There was also some Yuta, Parallel Romance, Armus, Radioactive Garbage Scow, Alien Parasites, Coalescent Organism, Borg Ship, Q, and a few I'm not remembering.

The Traveler and Kivas Fajo were used extensively-- Red Alert! less so, because you just didn't need it as much (and it wasn't a good idea to rely on it).

Deck Archetypes:
* Space mission speed-solvers with red-shirting (The Romulans were most popular, thanks to the availability of Dr. Telek R'Mor and high-point missions; Federation was next most popular)
* Planet mission speed-solvers with red-shirting (often coupled with a Horga'hn or Betazoid Gift Box)
* Q Bypass (because of the limited dilemmas, this was not an overwhelingly powerful strategy compared to the others, but one such took 3rd place at '97 Worlds)
* Planet mission supercrew (typically with Red Alert and Genetronic Replicators)
* Borg Ship hunter (with Kurlan Naiskos)

Bowling's 1997 Championship Deck
a rough reconstruction
(I'm posting this one first in case Dave has an actual list, so I can see how well I remember it)

"From Qo'nos with Honor"
Decks should always have a title for major events. :-)

Wormhole Negotiations
Warped Space
And then 3 or 4 of these:
Investigate Alien Probe, Seek Life-form, Pegasus Search, Study Hole In Space, Survey Mission, Secret Salvage, Explore Black Cluster
The first two listed were the primary strategy for 90 points, to be supplement by 10 from Sam Clemens. Other high point missions would be valuable to draw away excess dilemmas, and Klingon-only missions would be preferable because they are less likely to get stolen (again, Romulan and Fed were the popular space solvers).

(15 total, if my math is right; missions counted toward your 30-card seed limit)
See above list of popular dileamms. Someone claimed that Dave used six copies of Shaka, When the Walls Fell, but Dave pointed out that he did not own that many, so I'm going to guess that he used 4 or 5, typically followed by an Outpost Raid for best effect against space-mission redshirt decks.

Other Seeds
Klingon Outpost
Neutral Outpost (Because you were only allowed one outpost for each affiliation you were playing, this required the inclusion of Garak in the draw deck with his Cardassian icon)
Mogh (probably)
Samuel Clemens
Betazoid Gift Box
Alternate Universe Door
Q's Tent

Q's Tent
Mostly copies of key cards from the draw deck, such as Dathon and the I.K.C. T'ong

Draw Deck
Kivas Fajo - Collector x 5
The Traveler: Transcendence x2

Palor Toff - Alien Trader x2
Kevin Uxbridge x5

Q's Tent x 2 or 3
Devidian Door

I.K.C. T'Ong
I.K.C. Qu'Vat (might've been in the Tent)

Governor Worf
Dr. Reyga
2-4 other personnel, mostly Klingon because you can't redshirt the non-aligneds

Try to seed the prime missions next to each other or, failing that, at opposite ends of the spaceline (Lakanta will allow wrap-around movement).

Play Travelers & Kivases for card draws if your opponent isn't loaded with Kevins; otherwise, start getting out personnel. Red shirt at Warped Space.

Once dilemmas are cleared, call a Devidian Door and put out another personnel. Solve mission on the next turn; fetch the Devidian Door with the Gift Box and score 10 points. Move on to Wormhole Negotiations.

EDIT: hidden, I see that Rachmaninoff beat me to it. I was pretty close, though.
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By grendelX
 - Beta Quadrant
Dang I really should scan my files. Good job with the Scrye jpegs..

Eric Johnfauno's 2000 Winning Deck Kryptonite


Commandeer Ship
Dr Soong
Dr Telek RMor
Q's Planet
Reaction Control Thrusters
Senior Staff Meeting
Temporal Rift
The Traveler

Fightin Words x2
Hide and Seek x2
I Tried to Warn You x2
Mandarin Baliff x2
Penalty Box x2
Rhetorical Questions

PNZ x5
Investigate Massacre

Q Flash
Qs Tent
Space Time Portal
Neutral Outpost
Romulan Outpost
Defend Homeworld
HQ Defensive Measures
Make it So
Q the Ref x2

Aliem Parasites
Berserk Changeling
Borg Ship
Crystaline Entity x4
Ferengi Infestation
Friendly Fire
QFlash x6
Strict Dress Code
Unscientific Method

Docking Pylons
Guest Quarters
Promenade Shops

Draw Deck

Major Rakal
Senator Vreenak
Soong Type android x5
D'deridex Advanced x4

AU door
Devidian Door x5
QsTent x6
Ready Room Door
Temporal Vortex

Intruder Force Field
Masaka Transformations
Mirror Image

Access Denied
Intruder Alert
Its Only a Game
Obelisk of Masaka
Panel Overload
Scanner Interference

Distortions of Space/Time Continuum x3
Isabella x4
Palor Toff x2
Senior Staff Meeting x4
Temporal Rift x5
The Wake of the Borg
Wrong Door

Operate Wormhole Relays
Reflection Therapy x4
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By soggy_amphibian (Mark)
 - Delta Quadrant
I, for some reason, have Todd Soper's '97 "Innerspace Romulator" deck from the Decipher site, saved an aeon ago, but I guess I don't need to post it as it's on the scan from Scrye.
The other things I've discovered on my drive are:
"Playing In A Star Trek CCG Warp Speed Tournament" by Neil Kirby, which is associated with the Enhanced Premiere product,
"Rarity in Star Trek CCG: Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission" and "Topper Cards in Star Trek CCG Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission", talking about relative rarities of the foils and a little comparison with Star Wars Reflections.
And Reflections and EP cardlists, which are available in other places these days.

Ah, nostalgia.
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By tomek
 - Beta Quadrant
1E World Quarter-Finalist 2021
How about before Worlds? :wink:

There was no Worlds in 1996, but Decipher did run a "National Championship" in Huntsville, Alabama that year.

Here is the deck that won the very first Decipher Star Trek Championship in 1996.

Some comments of explanation:
- This was back in the 60 card deck era. I had 28 seed cards and 32 draw deck cards.
- I've always tried to find some sort of gimmick. And in this deck the gimmick was seeding two outposts. Back then you could attempt space missions from an outpost, but you could only have one outpost per affiliation. So in order to seed two outposts I included Major Rakal in my deck, so I was 'officially playing two affiliations (Fed and Rommie) and could seed two outposts (Fed and the brand new Neutral Outpost)
- You'll notice that all my missions were Space missions. There was no rule back then about solving planet and space missions. This is also why all my dilemmas were planet/space.
- I believe this was a two and out deck. I'd solve Pegasus and whatever mission was close to Pegasus. The Barclay's was a self seed for 10 points. I honestly don't remember if the Cytherians were self seed points or not.
- I'd seed the cryo under mission 1 which I would attempt and solve from the station. With the Betazoid Box I'd grab a ship and whatever else I needed and run over to mission 2 and solve from my second outpost.

Star Trek CCG has certainly changed a LOT from the 'old days'.



AU Door
Explore Black Cluster
Fissure Research
Investigate Disappearance
Pegasus Search
Study Hole In Space
Study Nebula
Betazoid Gift Box
Borg Ship
Barclay's ... Disease
Edo Probe - 2
Frame of Mind
Outpost Raid - 2
Q - 2
REM Fatigue...
Shaka, ... - 3
Personnel in Cryo
Beverly Picard
Major Rakal


Beverly Crusher
Jean-Luc Picard
Jenna D'Sora
Morgan Bateson
Neela Daren
Rachel Garrett
Wesley Crusher
Dr. Reyga
Roga Danar
USS Enterprise
USS Galaxy
AU Door
Kivas Fajo ... - 2
Red Alert - 2
The Traveller ... - 2
Distortion of S/T Continuum - 2
Kevin Uxbridge - 3
Palor Toff ... - 2
Q2 - 2
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Continuing Committee Member - Retired
I played DQ Hirogen Holograms. It was a mix on the Hirogen and DQ Non-Aligned. I've made many changes to the deck since I first played it, but I believe this was the deck that I played in '06.

Delta Quadrant Holo Hell
Seed Deck:
Reinitialize Warp Reaction - Voy
Liberation - Voy
Establish Home Planet - HA
Study Protonebula - HA
Answer Distress Signal - Voy
Seal Rift - HA

Hirogen Outpost
Holoprogram: 221B Baker Street
Caretaker's Array
U.S.S. Equinox
Holoprogram: Fortress of Doom
Home Away From Home
Q The Referee
Q The Referee
War Council
Assign Mission Specialists
Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission

1) Ankari "Spirits"
Strict Dress Code
2)Subspace Shockwave
Aggressive Behavior
The Cloud
Abandon Ship!

1) Dead End
Lack of Preparation
The Weak Will Perish
2) Your Galaxy is Impure
Chula: The Dice
Chula: The Door

1) Horta
Misguided Activist
Executive Authorization
2) Denevan Neural Parasites
Founder Secret
The Clown: My Festival

Draw Deck:
Holodeck Door x4

Starfleet Type II Phaser
Hirogen Disruptor Rifle
Hirogen Talon

Holo-Projectors x2
The Big Picture
Revolving Door
Fair Play

Feedback Surge
Hirogen Hunt
In The Zone
Obelish of Masaka
Rituals of the Hunt
White Deprivation

Escape Pod
All Threes x2
Data, Keep Dealing x3
Mutation x3
Alas, Poor Queen
Kevin Uxbridge
Distortion of Space/Time Continuum x4
I've Been Waiting For You

B'Elanna Torres x2
Icheb x2
Arachnia x2
Lonzak x3
Chaotica x3
Captain Proton x2
Buster Kincaid x2
The President of Earth
Equinox Doctor
Tanis x2
Kes (Borg) x2
Pralor Unit 3947 x2
Marla Gilmore x2
Sumek x3
Karr x2
Kejal x3
Iden x2
Karon x2
Decaren x2
Nimira x2
Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Madam Pulaski

Olarra x2

(Looking this over, this may be an earlier draft because I'm not sure where the tent is :wink: ) The basic idea of the deck was to play people as fast as possible and solve whichever mission you could. As I recall, I never bothered to attempt Establish Home Planet (it's hard to do with only holograms!) and never encountered Dead End as a result. Looking this over now though makes me cringe as there are obvious flaws in the deck that I would correct (though I've never won Worlds again, so perhaps I'm wrong now).

It was a four round tournament. I had a timed loss against Dave in the fourth round but I had full wins for the first three rounds 100-0 and my differential put me over the top to win the tournament. The prize this year was a sealed box of All Good Things.
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By tomek
 - Beta Quadrant
1E World Quarter-Finalist 2021
I was able to find an electronic copy of my 2005 Worlds deck, so I'll go ahead and post it.

At the time I was playing quite a bit of 2E, and the 2EBC Recon Drone single handedly renewed my interest in the Borg and the creation of this deck.
The fundamentals of this deck are pretty simple:
- Four of Nine and the Recon Drone were a scary probe rigging team.
- Service the Collective and Locutus let me probe on the same turn I completed scouting.
- Horgahn for double turns... I typically didn't take more than two double turns due to Writ... and because I really didn't need to.
- With Service the Collective and Horgahn it was faster to solve 4 objectives where I could probe same turn than solve higher point objectives where I had to wait a turn between scouting and probing.
- Of course I used DQSS to let me play two copies of the unique Borg personnel.
- And this was 1E Open format so I did include some key Referee cards.

1E Borg


Transwarp Hub
Q's Tent
Temporal Micro-Wormhole
Acquire Technology
Expose Plot
Revive Settlers
Stop Bombardment
Battle Reconnaissance (2E)
Inversion Mystery
18 Dilemmas
* New Essentialists
The Weak Will Perish
In The Pale Moonlight
* Edo Probe
Personal Duty (2E)
Friendly Fire
* Hazardous Duty
Your Galaxy Is Impure
* Dangerous Liaisons
Unscientific Method
Scientific Method
* Spatial Rift
The Higher... The Fewer
Dead End
* The Clown: Guillotine
Kelvan Show of Force
Hidden Agendas
Mission Debriefing
Q the Referee x 2
Service the Collective
Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission
Make It So


Borg Queen (FC) x 2
Borg Queen (Bo) x 7
Locutus of Borg x 2
Seven of Nine x 2
Two of Nine
Three of Nine x 2
Four of Nine x 2
Second x 2
Third and Fourth x 2
Eight of Fifteen (Antitoxin Drone)
Eleven of Nineteen (Bio-Med Drone) x 2
Eleven of Twelve (Connectivity Drone)
Four of Eleven (Guard Drone)
Nine of Eleven (Interlink Drone)
Nine of Seventeen (Multiplexor Drone)
Six of Twelve (Sentinel Drone) x 4
Sixteen of Nineteen (Survey Drone)
Thirteen of Nineteen (Tactical Drone)
Two of Nineteen (Transwarp Drone)
Two of Twelve (Xenology Drone)
Reconnaissance Drone (2E) x 2
Borg Cube
Borg Tactical Cube
Locutus' Borg Cube
Queen's Borg Cube
Assimilate Planet x 3
Cortical Node Implant x 2
War Council x 6
Alas, Poor Drone
Metaphasic Shields
Nutational Shields
The Traveler: Transcendence x 2
We Are The Borg x 5
A Change of Plans
Adapt: Negate Obstruction x 2
Awaken x 10
Q's Tent x 7
Ready Room Door x 3
Space-Time Portal
Q the Referee
Containment Field
Fair Play
Feedback Surge
Obelisk of Masaka
Operate Wormhole Relays
Panel Overload
Q the Referee
Temporal Vortex

Q's Tent
Borg Data Node
Borg Nanoprobes
Borg Vinculum
Maturation Chamber
Establish Gateway
Lower Decks
Masaka Transformations
Nutational Shields
Distortion of Space/Time Continuum
Alternate Universe Door
Ready Room Door
Transwarp Network Gateway

I was unable to find an electronic copy of my 2007 Worlds deck, but I'm sure I have a hard copy somewhere. In quick summary my 2007 Worlds deck was a Voyager deck that used the evil 2E Voyager Holos from the In a Mirror, Darkly 2E expansion.

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