By karonofborg13 (Matthew Hayes)
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Actually, discogoatrider, you should repost this in the Trading Board. Ferengi Exchange is solely for the raffle events (of which we've had two in almost three years), if I'm not mistaken.

You'll get a better response (more likely) if you post this inquiry/desire over in "Trading."
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By LORE (Kris Sonsteby)
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discogoatrider wrote:Hey, I'm trying to find a box from the fractured time deck boxes. Preferably Romulan, but I'm not too picky.
I'm pretty sure I have one lying around, likely in good shape as I never used it for tournaments (apart from the sealed event I got it at.) What are you looking to swap for it?
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By soggy_amphibian (Mark)
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I don't think donations award raffle tickets, just Premium Memberships (plus the whole tournament gig). It can take a few days for the tickets to be processed into your account (I think Maelwys might do the Premium Membership ones manually, so I'd suggest PMing Mael before or after you get the premium membership. Any tickets that you don't use in the current raffle, you can save until you use them, none will disappear on you.
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