By biecheer
 - Alpha Quadrant
Just wanted to make sure if there was a typo for the 10 packs of CL. I had ticket 9681281 which was listed in the summary but up above was 9681218. Please let me know.


PS if the above was a typo then how do I claim my prize? ;)
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First Edition Balance Manager
By JasonRed3 (Jason Robinette)
 - First Edition Balance Manager
MidnightLich wrote:Lots #26-27
0 P 78 •Protect the Escapees FOIL

26: 9681340 (Jason Robinette)
27: 9681284


This actually went to one of my players... I'll let 'em know.

And to the vultures who immediately emailed me about wanting to trade... sorry! :)

(Maybe the names should be kept off this list so that people don't start harassing people with trade requests before they've even received their prize?) :)
 - Alpha Quadrant
MidnightLich wrote:Lots #13-16
0 D 1 Harsh Conditions FOIL

13: 9681405 (Alexander Schmitz)
14: 9681067
15: 9681289
16: 9681024

That's it for the single tournament foils. Bigger prizes coming up!

Ticket Number 16 - That's me - Luke Roberts. Got the ticket in one of our last tourney's I was able to get to (which was a while ago), heh.

No idea what address my email says in my profile but you can contact me directly at:

Cheers guys,

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By charlie
 - Delta Quadrant
Grand Nagus
Both my son and I won 5 badges. I will probably take most of those anduse them at future tournaments. The packs will also most likely make their way to the next sealed draft that we hold locally with the Transwarp decks.
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