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Hi there,

has anyone ever made up or seen a decent 1E deck that only uses 1 copy of each card? I've thought about possible strategies for a while, but haven't come up with anything great - which might be due to the fact that I have mainly been collecting cards, not really playing with them (which is also the reason why I only have 1 copy of most cards...)


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My thouhts would be to use Visit Cochrane Memorial and the Federation Engineers. This puts a draw mechanic (or a download) in play during the seed phase. All you have to do then is draw one of the many human engineers in your deck and play it at Office of the President.

The biggest drawback to only one copy of each card is Q the Referee. Only having one makes Ref cards risky, since once you download one, you can no longer cycle the others, or download another one. Most of the people who are going to trigger ref cards will usually trigger more than one.
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The main issue is the draw engine. Normaly you need a couple of
kivas fajo - the collector, handshakes or all three. so if you
can get your hands on some it would be great.

otherwise it´s difficult to build competetive decks.

Some ideas: Use Morn in Quarks bar and Grand Nagus Gint to download 35 th Rule of Aqusition. +2 cards is a start for a draw engine.
As for free plays you may use tower of commerce, war council and maybe
brunt´s shuttle. (the last one would be great if stocked in q´s tent, if
you can get your hands on at least 5-10 copies.)

Another option would be ancestral vision. You may seed this voyager event and get an appropriate person in turn one to there. Playing
vidiian/Hirogen would be a working deck.

I agree to whitestar29 that a few cards are needed in multiple copies.
Q the Referee is surely one of the most important ones.

Good luck with your deckdesign.
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Thanks for your insights.

I managed to find 11 Q's Tent, 7 All Threes and 4 Q the Referee.
I'll try to still stick to the "1 copy of each card" for all other cards and let you know once I'm satisfied with my deck. I'll probably try the "Morn thing" first since I always loved that guy on the show...

Once more, thanks.
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