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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition

I want to thank all of you that participated in the Period of Review and for voting. It looks like the majority of you are happy with the work this department is doing under my leadership, for which I am grateful. I look forward to serving you for another year.

But there were a number of you that voted for change. I want to make sure you feel like your voices are heard too. So I invite you to comment about what aspects of the Department and Director of 1E you find troublesome. If you're comfortable doing so, you can post here or reach out directly to me with a private message.

However, if you aren't comfortable giving feedback directly, I've created a form that can be used to submit anonymous feedback. You can find it here:

1E Feedback Form

Please, also feel free to share this form around to people that don't visit the website. I'll be checking it regularly and responding to any questions or comments that are submitted. Or, if it's more appropriate, I'll pass the comments along to other volunteers and have them respond.

Of course, you're also welcome to submit positive feedback too! And if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, even if you voted to retain me in my position, you are also welcome to submit feedback.

In any case, thank you for giving me another opportunity to serve you.

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By Mr.Sloan
 - Delta Quadrant
1E Austrian National Second Runner-Up 2020
okay my old happits as a former programmer where to focus on problems only :shifty: , yet in the last years i leanrned the value of celebrating the good and there is a lot :thumbsup: , so here a detailed feedback:

When 10 years ago the first 1e cards came, i was espaically happy about AlphaQuadrant / general draw eingines like:
- Duck Blind, making different AQ affiliations equal playable at the beginning.

What i liked on "Life from Lifelessness" was that it featured multiple affiliations, making clear Trekcc was going to balance ALL affiliations.

I loved that in sets like resistance is future featured both the borg and opposing [EE] cards.
I also liked that like in 2e, there where new versions of main characters coming.

Despite i consider Continuing Mission obiously OP, i like and still love the concept of Series Specific themes. the idea to download 1 szenario card, while all CM szenarios are balanced with each others because in one you could play/draw x while no longer drawing/playing y is great. :D same with [RC]

I loved to see [SF] and [TE] [SF] and [Vul] becoming playable affiliations.

While i am mostly a guy for quick and fast ideas in a short period of time, i meanwhile like the idea that ALL possiblities to modfiy the game where used (Errata, Ban + Rule change + new cards). Would have excluded 2e BC earlier but i think the moderate speed of change was better in the long run.

I usually only cared for the gameplay in a factual matter, not bothering about current people. But i have to admit i was not here the entire time, putting out tons of ideas, but not being constantly with the game the last years. My respect to you Charlie for taking care here constantly and patiently. I did not vote for or against you, missed the vote.

I woud have liked to see cards being more thought througt to avoid some erratas that i saw being needed immediatly like manliv, CM with 2 draws etc. But i am now okay with errataimg them afterwards. I also like all of the current errata.

there are 2 thinks that still bother me of the game at the current state, i´d love to see fixed:

1.) Moderate play/draw amount. A bit less and equal for the different affiliations: meanwhile there are a bit too many combinable draws/free play engines, so that people have a lot of personal, so time consuming turns while at the same time a bit too less turns IMO. Instead of 7 turns, it would be great if it where about 15 for more interaction. and less draws/personal so that turns are shorter in real life time (and the game as a whole). While i love interaction, i usually build the decks i consider the best. battle decks cannot wipe out the opponent completly what is good. but speed solver with some pretects are the best IMO. They usually get easy non-interacton bonus points like a bit OP AMS, or simply report phoenix to any headquarters... which brings me to my 2nd point:

2.) bonus points flavor for moderate interaction: i´d wish the best would be decks that can easily cross quadrants (at least with some ships) and get some non-mission bonus points for specific flavored interaction (bonus points for ship OR personal battle, bonus points for using infiltrator, bonus points for federation diplomats contacting the opponent, a card helping download capture related cards (that already give bonus points for it), ferengi bribing personal (make under your control by discarding GoldPressedLatinum present) etc. - and there fore ensure mutual interaction for bonus points). Avoiding cards that protect from ALL attacks (like strategema, e.g. allow to ignore it once/twice etc.) And avoiding decks that can destroy an opponent completing (let cards like strategema or landing remain a possibility for partly protection).

Loved Concepts/Cards:
The release of new sets as well as the card amount in it, is quite right IMO. Loved to see new cards even while not playing. Some of my favorits: Q of Borg, the Armus downloadability. The possibility to download x-related dilemmas for some interaction in dilemma encounter, downloadable balancing act with skeleton crew, concept of self-controled ships, Assasination Plot, Making delta affiliations more pure. ( [Hir] 2nd free report. no more [Kaz] mixed with FED etc. Reducing the mandatory need for [Ref] , but hopefully keep them usefull. IMO Containment Field & Its only a game is still too nessecary due to [DL] and Space Time Portal Report with [1E-AU] crew. Even limited to 4 personal, STP is OP imo. I consider dilemmas downloading personal a good idea, yet to OP/too much personal see 2018 Word Winner deck with Card downloads.

Its already much better then most of the Decipher times/eras :thumbsup: . Overall when there come more themes that stay balanced with each others (moderate draw/free plays - a bit less then now) and more flavored ways to get bonus points, instead of non-interactive bonuis points, with moderate interaction decks (not no interaction but no elimiations either) becoming the best decks then the game is as good as i can imagine it. :)

I also think themed cards proving draws/plays and bonus points for specific actions could be a good entry point for other trekkies/TCG card player, since they then do not need to know all the different ways of combing different draw/play/point engines.

Continue, Continuing Committee :cheersR:
 - Alpha Quadrant
I would just like to say thank you for all of your hard work! And that goes to the founders of the CC all the way up to the current crew. Many games just die out after their last set and even their most devoted sites shrivel and die. You guys have really beaten the odds.
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 - Alpha Quadrant

What would I like to see in the near future? To tell the truth a lot of things:

-New cards for Vulcan, Hirogen, Vidiian and Kazon affiliations
-A fully playable Xindi / Sphere-Builders affiliation
- An autonomous Romulan reman sub-affiliation with their own ships and facilities
-B4 finally adapted in First edition
-Phlox of Borg, Sarek of Borg (all other non-Delta Quadrant affiliations have their own borg counterparts)
-Pahash, Kodrak (Odo and Miles O'Brien infiltrating Klingon from DS9 Star Trek DS9: Apocalypse Rising)
-Captain Braxton and UTS Aeon (from Voyager Future's end)
-More specifically oriented Orion, Na'kuhl and Suliban mechanics, personal and ships
-Tournaments in Belgium or in the north of France where there used to be a very active community
-Full exploitation of Star Trek video games: Star Trek Online (Tzenkethi, Elachi, Iconian,…), Star Trek Legacy (T'Uerell would make a fantastic card!), Star Trek DS9: The Fallen (Pah Wraith Orbs,…), Star Trek: Elite Force I and II (Alexander Munro,…), Starfleet Command (Hydran Kingdom, Gorn Confederation, Lyran Star Empire,…), Starfleet Academy (Full of TOS new characters and cadets!), Klingon Academy, A Klingon Challenge, Star Trek: Borg, Birth of the Federation, Star Trek Armada (USS Premonition ), Star Trek: Judgment Rites, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and so much more…

>>Full exploitation of the Kelvin Timeline, Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Discovery and Animated Series.
We are fortunate to experience a renewal of the Star Trek license thanks to the three films released in the Kelvin Timeline, Star Trek Picard but above all Star Trek Discovery which is an excellent surprise!

I think the best way to attract new players would be to take an interest in this material rather than still exploiting the old series. Of course, they should be used, but in my opinion that should not be your guideline as it is now: Only nostalgic people are interested.

Sill allow me, please, to thank you for the great work you do! Live long and prosper! \ V /
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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
 - First Edition Rules Master
Community Contributor
Welcome (back)! And there's lots of fun ideas on that list! Thanks!
droidscotty wrote: I think the best way to attract new players would be to take an interest in this material rather than still exploiting the old series. Of course, they should be used, but in my opinion that should not be your guideline as it is now: Only nostalgic people are interested.
Unfortunately, since Decipher did not have the license to these properties, there is well-founded concern that CBS/Paramount would consider this to be crossing the line and bring The Law down on our heads. So this game will be stuck in the pre-2005 Star Trek universe for the foreseeable future.
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