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Online OP Coordinator
By pfti (Jon Carter)
 - Online OP Coordinator
2E North American Continental Quarter-Finalist 2019
1E American National Champion 2020
1E British National Champion 2020
2E The Neutral Zone Regional Champion 2020
Howdy all, Come and Play with the saturday online crew for a spooky good time (this is a one day event)

bring your scariest deck!

Pacific/Honolulu: 6:00 AM
America/Los_Angeles: 9:00 AM
America/Phoenix: 9:00 AM
America/Chicago: 11:00 AM
America/New_York: 12:00 PM
America/Toronto: 12:00 PM
Europe/London: 4:00 PM
Europe/Amsterdam: 5:00 PM
Europe/Berlin: 5:00 PM
Africa/Johannesburg: 6:00 PM
Australia/Brisbane: 2:00 AM
Pacific/Auckland: 5:00 AM

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