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By enrico81
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Hi All,

Thanks for reading, I just bought a collection of Star Trek memoriobilia, amongst other some nice cards to add to my collection. Included however where also some things I don't particulare need an extra set off and before listing them elsewhere I though to add them here first. I'm still sorting but there are some big ticket items:
- All good things compelte set, with the BOX (I'm still sorting to see if the rules book is also there)
- James T Kirk (TMP)
- HMS Bounty Federation
- Dr. Gillian Taylor Non Alligned
- Iden Hirogen
-USS Prometheus (Federation and Romulan version)
- USS Dauntless (non Alligned)
-Seven of nine (federation)
- First Office Spock

And many more (I just skimped through the sets looking for cards I know are a bit more valuable (or a lot in case of the TMP and AGT cards), so if you looking for a particular cards feel free to drop me a PM and I will have a look.

Anyone intrested please drop me a PM, I don't need the ebay prices for them, but a fair price for both parties would be nice. Shipping will have to be from the Netherlands so please take that into account.

Edit: all cards and sets are now sold.
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