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Writing Team Manager
By OKCoyote (Daniel Matteson)
 - Writing Team Manager
A day late, but all results are in. Let's go!

Eric Robinett vs. Kris Sonsteby
Michael Van Breemen vs. Tim Gerrard
Kevin Denner vs. Frederic Levesque
Maggie Geppert vs. Daniel Matteson
Giorgio Velasco vs. Peter Hill

Results are due Wednesday, March 3rd. Good luck!
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Executive Officer
By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
 - Executive Officer
Grand Nagus
2E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
2E The Neutral Zone Regional Champion 2020
LORE wrote: Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:08 pm Full win for Kris over Mags 100-40. Great game as usual, my friend! :cheersL:
Here's the link for anyone who wants to watch us be total dorks.

Also, Daniel and I will play tonight and live stream our game.
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Writing Team Manager
By OKCoyote (Daniel Matteson)
 - Writing Team Manager
LORE wrote: Mon Mar 01, 2021 4:24 pm Did Daniel ever let us know the affiliation breakdown for this event? I am super curious which 2 HQ's nobody played as well as which ones everyone played. :shifty:
Oh sure, I can do that.

4x Dominion
3x Romulan
2x TNG
1x Borg

I had a player on standby with a Klingon deck in case somebody dropped. No player chose DS9.
By TheFlak
 - Alpha Quadrant
Suprised by the 4 dominions as well.
My packs pushed me straight into borg without looking back. I found it funny when someone earlier assumed nobody would be playing Borg. ;)
Everything I had for Dominion were events or interrupts which combos of from changeling infiltrators or vortas. No personel so nothing really good on it's own.
My second best affiliation from the packs was Bajorans.
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