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By bosskamiura (Thomas Kamiura)
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Welcome, to all men and women with thirst for glory in their hearts! Welcome, to the 112th tournament held within this sacred Dojo!

This tournament will be 4 rounds.

Michael Van Breemen, The Ninja Scot-sama VS Benjamin Liebach, Monty42-kun
Sebastian Kirstein, Caretaker's Guest-kun VS Steve Nelson, Boratus-san
Nate Wineinger, Naetor-sama VS Tjark Ott, Tjark-kun
Benjamin Rostoker, Gorgo Primus-san VS Christopher Jansa, Psionic Hobo-san
Alexander Schmitz, Tykajada-san VS Oliver Thust, Bashircommander-kun

Please help me to honor The Ancient One and The Dojo, by having your results submitted no later than Monday, May 17th.

Play, and play to win!

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