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I got back into the game a few years ago. I don't really care much for the 1E V-cards but I have two roommates who still have Decipher cards and we will rock out with those every so often.
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By Smiley (Cristoffer Wiker)
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I really don't know!?

But I started due to a friend buying a BB Prem Starter at an RPG convention that we were running back in 94 and he got the USS Enterprise in there. I bought one and got Picard. From there we bought all the cards that they had. And from there on I've been playing ever since with some off years where I have been touring with my band and could not/dared not bring my cards. =)

Now I use the game as a fixture in my Game design classes.
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I started playing in like 1999 or so in high school. Yeah, that does date me, so whatever. It was a fun thing my friends were doing, and I was immediately hooked by the lore and the flow of the game. First Contact was my first set, but I back-built my card inventory. It was competitive, fun, and challenging. Like many people, once I left for college and drifted away from my high school friend group, I stopped playing STCCG, but found people who played MTG and started that up.

Post-College, kept playing MTG, but always remembered STCCG and was always interested in getting my friends to play (but it was unsuccessful).

Quite randomly, I found a box of booster cards on ebay and a guy selling his old cards and bought them on a whim. Since I had forgotten how to play, I did some internet searching and found this site. I was still in contact with a couple of friends from my high school days, one of which was a regional ambassador back in the Decipher days, and got him and a couple of guys back into it. That was maybe 2 years a go or so.

Since then, the game has hooked me all over again. The strategy is diverse, the approaches are complex, and we've had a ton of fun getting back into it.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
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stressedoutatumc wrote: Fri May 14, 2021 10:15 am I started playing in like 1999 or so in high school. Yeah, that does date me, so whatever.
As a proud graduate of the high school class of 1998, I can assure you that you're hardly "dated" in this community. I'd say you're probably somewhere in the middle of the bell curve.

Most people I know that play the game are my age (40) +/- 10 years, or are the kids of people in that age bracket that got conscripted.

So no worries, you're right at home with your contemporaries! :cheersL:
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
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High School Class of 02 here, although I started collecting much earlier. But Very Slowly, as Birthday Money only goes so far when you are a tween. And I was playing 5 different games for most of that time, L5R, Magic, Pokemon, Star Wars and Trek. Dabbling in Austin Powers, Overpower, LoTR, and Battle Tech.

Star Trek and L5R are my only Contiguous collections, as I sold most of my others at least once since I began collecting. I have sold my Magic collection 4 times. I like 1E. It is a fun, mysterious game with equal parts planning and flying by the seat of your pants.
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
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Smiley wrote: Fri May 14, 2021 2:47 amI have been touring with my band and could not/dared not bring my cards. =)
I have 3 special-made surplus common/uncommon decks, totally redundant, two of which fit in a neat box and I brought those on vacations before 2020 happened.
I don't often play them (no time), but I like to have them handy. And just for the fun of it we did lay out a spaceline on the grass of a metal festival, and made some attempts while Anthrax was pouring it on... :lol:
I also played in North Macedonia during a rainy day. Interesting game!

Why isn't that (i.e., making redundant decks) even easier when you're also using printed cards!?

But -- even more important -- you have a band!? What kind of music? Send me some links (in PM if you want)?
StarFleetPrints wrote:I got back into the game a few years ago. I don't really care much for the 1E V-cards but I have two roommates who still have Decipher cards and we will rock out with those every so often.
Hi! Welcome! A fellow Traditionalist, then. (Well, since December I did start playing online with Virtual cards; but IRL, it's still Trad for me, so far. But I didn't play IRL for all that time.)
Do you play online, with Lackey? We could play some Trad games, some day? 8)
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By Takket
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I guess like most of the people here the story being in high school in the 90s!

I was one of those people that thought Star Trek was one of those things dorks watched. But my best friend watched it and he would talk to another kid about it in line for lunch at school. So I decided to "give it a go". The first thing I ever saw was Star Trek VI, and I like the movie but I didn't understand the history behind it (Klingons in TOS, David Marcus murder in STIII, etc).

But then I started watching TNG and the first episode I saw was Conundrum, and I loved it. Ro and Riker still give me the vapors LOL. My best friend had kind of explained some of the show to me so imagine Conundrum is the first episode you ever see, and you don't understand that Keiran McDuff (where is his card BTW, CC!) is not supposed to be there lol. I was a bit confused but enjoyed it. Then I saw BoBW part 1 later on, and I was hooked forever.

We lived in Massachusetts at the time and I believe it was in 1995 (I know it was before AU, only premier existed when we started) that my mother went to California for some sort of medical conference. She saw the STCCG cards somewhere about bough starters decks and a few boosters for me and my best friend. I had a bunch of Romulan/Federation (and a treaty to make them work) stuff and he had a bunch of Klingon stuff, so that's what we played for a good year. We didn't have a lot of extra cards so customizing didn't happen much lol

I god blown up a lot because the best ship I had was USS Nebula and he had a vor'cha and a couple k'vorts. I some point I came across a [Univ] d'deridex

My parents let me spend $5 on a Kurlan Naiskos at a card shop one day while visiting my grandparents in Connecticut. I had the Brady Games guide book and only dreamed of having some of the cards in there. Buying the Kurlan was like having pure gold in my hands. I was going to get the sucker on my d'deridex and then see how tough my Klingon friend felt. Yeah. Fly your little k'vort over here, bitch! lol

It proved harder to pull off than I thought lol. First, he had a Kevin Uxbridge, second I literally owned one CIVILIAN, Alexander Rozhenko. So being a Fed civilian I couldn't attack with him on board, BUT at least I could move about the spaceline with impunity. I believe I got an Ishara Yar at some point and then I could dump off the Feds and let my NA/Rom crew go nuts.

I spent most games:
Trying to get the Kurlan
Trying to dodge the Kevin Uxbridge
Waiting to draw into a Civilian

but when i did pull it off, I laid waste to him lol

When Decipher opened their message boards (remember threaded boards, I do! You can still see some in the decipher wayback machine.) I logged on an everyone was on there with names like Data, Picard, Jean-Luc Data, Data Picard, and I was like, just give me something unassuming that 1000 people aren't going to have some similar variation of. I like Romulans, and so I took Takket. Name has stuck with me through my whole life lol. I use it on every forum I post on... not just Star Trek CCG stuff.

When I went to college I kept playing. I went to Syracuse and "Major Rakal" Kathy McCraken was running tournaments out of a chemistry lab at Cornell in Ithica NY. Never played against her (she was the TD for these events) but did at least get to meet her. At Syracuse I met "Jono" (as he's known on these boards), and to borrow a Star wars term he taught me the "true nature of the force". I.E., you may actually want to get some decent cards and embrace the metagame if you don't want to get your ass kicked every week.

Jono brought me to the 1997 Decipher Exhibition Tournament Weekend in Rochester NY. (I played a constructed deck, don't remember what, and a sealed deck in what I believe was Decipher's first ever sanctioned sealed deck tournament.) That event was part of the "first ten years of STCCG" article Major Rakal wrote which someone actually found and posted here:


That sealed deck was I guess my peak as a STCCG player. I won the tournament and one of the Decipher gift boxes. These things:

viewtopic.php?f=15&t=28072&hilit=gift ... pened.jpeg

I'd love to say it was skill... it was stupid luck. I pulled a bunch of those premier "engineering" missions. we all got Montgomery Scott in a warp pack. I also got a Wesley Crusher and I think an engineering kit too, so I just red shirted dilemmas and blew through all of the engineering missions to win my games.

At some point I won premier uncut sheets as well, but alas, they died in a basement floor about 15 years ago or so.

In 1999 I got married and moved to Michigan. Played in a few regionals here but never had much success. Cheese decks were all the rage and I hated them, so I always lost. I didn't play for a long time after that but I kept collecting and keeping up with game rules. After Decipher collapsed I discovered CC sometime later, and began playing again in 2018/2019, just in time for the pandemic to shut everything down!!! lol but i hope to do much more playing in the future.
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By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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I started because I like the property. I kept going because I really liked the game. A card game that isn't about attack is a fascinating idea, and very Trek -- practically nobody ever gets Star Trek right in that way (I include the video games), and, when they do, it can lead to some fascinating new gaming paradigms.
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By Smiley (Cristoffer Wiker)
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SudenKapala wrote: Sat May 15, 2021 6:41 am But -- even more important -- you have a band!? What kind of music? Send me some links (in PM if you want)?
I'm not currently in a band, but I use to be. Now I only DJ from time to time. Don't have unlimited time anymore. I mostly play Drum and Bass but will also play anything with a 303-bassline. But I'm building a new studio to be able to make more Ambient music. So the short version, if it's some sort of electronic music with lots of hard bass I probably like it!
Here you go with the link some of my released stuff:

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