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By c0re
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so my mother in law inherited a what I would call large collection of Star Trek cards.
I've tried to see what prices are on them but had no luck on the german version of craigslist.

There are :
  • 5 packs labeled "60 Card Starter Set"
  • 1 plastic box labeled "60 Card Start Set + 2x 15 Card Expansion Set + 1x Artifact"
  • 1 large plastic box labeled "Deep Space Nine + Starter Decks: II"
  • large plastic box unlabeled
All cards are in great condition.
If you want/need I can send pictures.

Any pointers would be appreciated [OS]

Best wishes from Germany! :cheersL:
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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
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From the labels, it could be anything, but ehrlich, will probably not garner much high-value target enthusiasm. Individual cards, however, could perhaps be interesting. (Deep Space 9 / Terok Nor comes to mind.)

The best you can do is... come play with us! :lol: (You can play the game online, make new kumpels, and learn about your cards. Ich bin nicht einer davon, aber es gibt viele tolle Deutsche leute hier.)

You could also inventarise individual "rare" and "promo" cards (several methods available), and see if people are interested in them.
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