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By WeAreBack
 - Alpha Quadrant
We all know that if you use the Guardian of Forever to go to Smugglers' Rendezvous, you can get directly to the station to one of your own ships there.

I just want to be sure the same thing can be done for that other time location in space that is sometimes in the Alpha Quadrant Vintaak Disappearance Site.

Notably, the only mention of beaming personnel to the Starship Defiant is on the Mirror Quadrant side of the card (which isn't in effect when the location is in the Alpha Quadrant). However I don't think you need "permission" from the time location to get on to the ship in some other way, such as using the Guardian.

Any reason I can't Guardian a bunch of personnel to the ship, wait a until it's back in the mirror quadrant, and then commandeer using 2 Officer, ENGINEER, Security and Strength >50?

Additionally, I notice that on the MQ side of the card, it mentions beaming "to" Starship Defiant...... Does this mean that it's a one way ticket? That is, if you realize you forgot to bring an ENGINEER and can't commandeer the ship, is everyone just stuck there?

I'd hate to think that traveling back with someone who came through the guardian was the only way off the ship.
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
You could always save up until you buy yourself a couple Engineer, then send them over later?

Or emergency transporter armbands or a little target shields to dropping in combo play. Have you considered dimensional shifting (edit, no, that doesn't work at time locations)?

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