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Greetings all!

I am still trying to hunt down a few of the higher end rares to put a bow on my 1e collection. I've managed to acquire a few higher end rares myself to offer up in trade and I'll be highlighting those in this post.

I will state up front that I'm not on social media, so the best way to get ahold of me is via Private Message (PM) here on the forums.

My Legacy trade list is Here and I think it's reasonably accurate (though I probably have more Mirror Mirror stuff than is listed. Suffice it to say if you need any MM stuff, just ask), so if you have something I'm looking for, and there's stuff on my legacy trade list that you want, I'll be happy to include it (and will probably trade in your favor).

I also have a 2E Trade list Here. If you have any 2e Cards I need, let me know - I have no problem trading across games.

I also have Star Wars CCG (SWCCG) for trade if you're looking for any thing in that world.

I also play WWE Raw Deal, so if you're into Raw Deal and want to work a trade, let me know and we'll see what we can do.

Finally, I'm willing to entertain cash offers to buy any of my cards, though I'd prefer to trade where possible.

Without further ado, here is my list:


Tournament Foils:
Chula: The Dice
Plasma Torpedo

Mirror Mirror:
74 UR First Officer Spock

113 R Seska ( [Car] )
113* R Seska ( [Kaz] )
115* R B'Elanna Torres ( [NA] )
115* R B'Elanna Torres ( [NA] ) - Played
117* R Chakotay ( [NA] )
167 R Neelix ( [NA] )
171* R Seven of Nine ( [Fed] )

The Borg:
70* R Equinox Doctor ( [NA] )
103 R Icheb ( [NA] )
131 R U.S.S. Dauntless ( [NA] )

Holodeck Adventures:
57* R Kejal ( [Hir] )
74 R Weiss ( [Fed] )
129* R Olarra ( [Hir] ) x2

The Motion Pictures:
92 R Dr. Gillian Taylor ( [NA] )

All Good Things:
7 P Kobayashi Maru Scenario
11 P Empathic Touch
35 P U.S.S. Drake
37 P U.S.S. Pegasus


The Motion Pictures:
James T. Kirk (56 UR)
Dr. Gillian Taylor (92* R+) - [Fed]
H.M.S. Bounty (110* R+) - [Kli]
U.S.S. Reliant (126* R+) - [Fed]

All Good Things:
1 P Environmental Suit
13 P In For a Trim
14 P Colonel Kira
16 P Admiral Janeway
17 P Admiral Riker
18 P Christopher Pike
19 P Gideon Seyetik
21 P Miral Paris ( [Fed] )
21* P Miral Paris ( [Kli] )
22 P Raymond Boone
23 P Robert DeSoto
24 P Yeoman Rand
25 P Uri'Lash
26 P K'Temoc
28 P Artim
29 P Raimus
30 P Sojef
33 P Weyoun 6

Italics = Trade in Progress

Hopefully there's something there that you want. Again, please PM me with any offers.

Thanks! :cheersL:

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